Saturday, December 15, 2007

Present Time

The grands presents are under the tree in the diningroom. The paper is flying so fast its hard to see who got what or get many photos.While the kids are playing and enjoying their new stuff the adults move into the livingroom to open their gifts.
Of course since the girls all think they are my favorite daughter I had to get them ornaments that said: Oldest daughter (you are my favorite) Middle daughter (you are my favorite) Youngest daughter (you are my favorite) They really got a kick out of those. We had to come up with something for the guys to play a trick on them. Thus the matching shirts. They opened them and loved them until they saw the other guys had one too. It was such a hoot seeing their faces.I was bad and didn't get pictures of everyone opening their stockings. I was trying to get dinner on the table and enjoy opening my own stocking. Megan filled mine and Williams. It was a nice surprise. I loved all my gifts and will show photos later in the week.

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