Saturday, January 19, 2008

7 Random Things

I have been tagged by Cathy to list 7 random things about me. There is not that much left that you don't know about me but I will try.
1. I use to try hard to please or impress everyone even if it meant I was unhappy. Now I live my life the way I need to. If others don't like it or look down their noses at my lifestyle I could care less. Doesn't bother me anymore.
2. I would love to have a animal hotel/resort. A place where your 4 legged family member could enjoy when you have to leave home and can't take or have someone care for them.
3. I do not drink coffee. Hate the taste but love to smell it.
4. My first daughter was suppose to be named Melissa Hope (I didn't get to name her, long story) but was named Maggie Marie. The nurses felt sorry for me and nicknamed her Missy and it has stuck even though she is grown.
5. I am terrified of swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans because of what lives in them but am a certified scuba diver.
6. As I get older I no longer bite my tongue when someone says something wrong or mean. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes not.
7. I want to write a children's book about the adventures of Hidden Haven.

Those are my random things. I will not tag anyone as I am unsure who has and hasn't been tagged. If you do this please let me know so I can visit your blog.


Lib said...

HI Peggy, I enjoyed reading your 7 things and getting to know you better.
A vacation spot for animals would be great at your place.
I hope you make your dream of childrens books become a reality.I Love my visits with you, Your Love for the animals and home shines thru.:o)
Have a Great wkend.
Blessins', LIb

JoyceAnn said...

Peggy , What a wonderful idea , a book about the adventures at Hidden Haven. I would buy it.

How are the bunnies ? I hope to e-mail you next week about coming to get one.

Is it snowing there ? We're getting snow , it's starting to cover the ground.

Hope your weekend has been great.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You would be great writing a book about hidden haven!! Go for it sometime!! I would want to read it. I also used to not like hurting others but I finally decided that I had to learn not to be that way!! I also do not like to go into the ocean or the lake. I never know what is in there. Great list...Sandy

Nen said...

first, i love the goat mouse icon thing.. that's great!

second, definitely write a children's book! that would be awesome! kids need more than just sesame street and spongebob!

Madonna said...

I like reading your comments about yourself. Everyone always said I was strange in that I love to smell coffee but think its just nasty to drink. Now I see there is another out there so perhaps it isn't so strange after all.

Jeanne said...

I enjoyed reading that.
Love and hugs

Rosa said...

Oh, do open a pet hotel and write a children's book!!! What fab ideas!! xoxo

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

What a great idea for a pet motel!!
AND I have to say #7 thrills me to bits because ever since I "met" you I thought the Homestead would make a GREAT children's book. I hope you do it!!!!!
Also, I hope you got the email about this years ONE World-ONE Heart - hoping you'll be taking part!

meggie said...

Loved reading your list Peggy.
How sad about your daughter's name. That would make an interesting story. It seems cruel, if a mother can't name her baby.

Mrs Lavender said...

Hi. New visitor here. I enjoyed reading your blog. I agree 100% with you about the swimming (tho I'm not a certified diver).

Have a lovely day!

Kathleen Marie said...

I thought I was the only one in Bloggityville who didn't like coffee and just like you I like the smell but the taste is like mud. Just awful.

I think a children's story book would be awesome about your place...


LivingTheLife said...

Love your 7 things...AND I think you SHOULD go for writing that will LOVE it...and most likely some adults, too!