Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meet The New Family Members

I think I have the names on the right ones. If I don't Rosie let me know please.
Meet Sonya. She looks like Sammi but no they aren't related. Sonya really really loves cookies and when you go put the bag up she is trying to let you know to bring the bag back cause she ain't done yet.
And this is Leonard. He is the sweetest little buck. He loves to be petted but the minute I try to take a picture he looks away. I put the camera down and he looks right at me and almost smiles.
Meet DiDi. She is so much like Diva in her actions. She loves to eat cookies too but will pass a cookie for grain. She licks her feeder clean. (pic below)
Sweet little Bridey. She is so little and so loving. She gives kisses everytime you bend your head down to talk to her. She loves to run and play alot also spends most of her time with BossyToes. (below)
This is ViVi. She is so cute and she plays and runs with Bridey alot. ViVi hasn't decided if she likes cookies yet or not. But I think she will soon be begging for one.(below)
BossyToes and Bridey pal around together when BossyToes isn't hanging around with the humans. She thinks she is a person and should be in the house with the rest of us. I let her out of the pen this afternoon and she walked around with me. She is so smart she went right in the feed room and bypassed the barrels of chicken and rabbit feed to go straight to the goat feed barrel. She kept nudging it to try to get the lid off so of course I had to give her a small cup full as a treat. She had already had her supper.(below)
Blinky hasn't let me pet her much. She is busy mothering the herd. She is making sure all of them are okay in this new place. She will let me pet her while she eats. I hope to win her over before too long.
Blanche is also shy. She doesn't want to be petted yet but will eat out of our hands. She will also eat a cookie as long as I don't try to pet her. Its hard to get a picture of her alone as she stays close to Blinky or ViVi. She is the one in the middle. (below)Here is a picture of all of them snacking on hay after their supper. Blanche is the one munching down in the center of the photo. She is usually standing in the middle of the trough while she eats.

Did I get the names right Rosie? I sure hope so as I have been calling each one by what I thought and they seem to respond.

So everyone has now met the new members of Hidden Haven family. I am sure there will be lots of stories and adventures to share with you as we bond together.


Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
It was nice to meet all your new Family members. Your Love for your Homestead sure shows:o)
We had goats yrs. ago. Use to have different farm animals.On call 7x24 can't have them now.
Hope you have a great wk. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Anonymous said...

I am so so overdue for a visit to HHH!

Shoot me an email with your schedule and what would be a good weekend


Hope said...

That's a lovely family, Peggy and they seem to be adjusting well. I love all the names and whether you got the right name with the right goat or not, you remembered the names!! I only have 2 children and I use to forget what to call them!! LOL Just kidding about that but my memory shore ain't what it use to be!!


Juli Krasinski said...

They're all so beautiful :)


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You are definitely a goat herder now. They are a good looking bunch.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

WOW!! I would have to make them name tags to keep them all straight!! Thanks for introducing all of your new family...Sandy

Rachel said...

Oh Peggy, I love the new family members!! How amazing that you can keep them all straight!! They are all so pretty!!!

Rosie said...

You did good, them all right!

Vi-vi will warm up if you offer her dairy products. She was really friendly when she was growing up because she didn't get weaned until she was about 9 months. Her mom wouldn't feed her, but she would come and nurse from the other milkers once they were restrained in the stanchion. Vi-vi is a bad milk thief. And she'll ask you to hold a strange doe for her so she can snatch a drink. You will need to watch her during milking season. She will drain an udder while your back is turned. She's done that to me quite a few times.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Peggy,Thanks for sharing all of your new family members with us...You are an amazing woman and show such love for your goats...

Donna said...

How wonderful...such fine looking goats!

Jo and JD said...

Such beautiful kids....
And quite a barnful too.

HomemakerAng said...

WOW! lots going on over there!

meggie said...

Nice to meet your new family. They are lovely.
I particularly like the one with the white spots on brown- she looks like a little fawn!

JunieRose2005 said...

I love looking at your goats. We used to have goats- and they were Nubins (sp?) like yours. Some of ours became real sweet pets.

Oh! Those other 'kids' are cute too! :)