Thursday, April 03, 2008

April Showers

Raigun wanted to show grandma her glasses. She loves them and tells me they have Sponge Bob on the frame near her ear. I guess thats a good thing?
We have had April showers again today along with cool weather. It was nice having a warm fire to sit beside while I finished writing Fran's eulogy. William is still in MO but visiting a friends farm for a couple of days and enjoying milking goats. Hopefully things with his truck will get worked out soon. The babies here are starting to eat more grain and hay since I only let them nurse Diva and Sammi twice a day. They see me and start crying Maaaaaaaa cause they associate me with food. The chickens are really laying eggs. We are getting around 20 eggs a day. Bonnie the goose has been sitting on the nest for awhile. Soon she should be hatching gooslings. Clyde is very protective and will go after anyone or thing that goes near Bonnie's nest. Mo and Larry are watching over Curly who just started sitting on her nest a few days ago. She has her and Mo's eggs under her. Mo just didn't want to sit on eggs this time. Watched birds at the feeders today and know its time for them to start building their nests. They usually build near the feeders so its fun to watch them and try to figure out where their nests are. Spring is really here and the animals at Hidden Haven seem to be enjoying every minute.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Peggy..I say YEAH FOR SPRING!! We get it sooner here but it is my favorite time of the year!! I love to see everything coming up and the birds nesting too. I just wish that we had "regular trees" here around our house. All we have are 75 ft pine trees!! Glad to hear that the farm is doing great. Sorry that William is not home yet.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Spring has sprung here. We are having some sunny days with daytime
temperatures above freezing and nighttime below. Eases the rate of melt. It is the time of year for maple sugaring. There are now a few spots on the fields showing through the snow.

My sows and piglets are busy plowing up my side "lawn". Time to get the electric fence going.

Your grand daughter looks cute in her glasses. Of course, having Spong Bob on them is important! Cool!

Marci said...

That Raigun is adorable. SOunds like spring is in full swing at your place. Bless you my friend.

City Mouse said...

Aw, just look at that adorable face!

Same weather here - a little warmer, but still rainy and cold. Glad to year William is making the most of the situation, and lots of good thoughts for the truck.

Good to hear the animals are happy and springing! 20 eggs a day!!!

Donna said...

Raigun looks very cute in her glasses!

PEA said...

I love the name Raigun...what a beautiful and unusual name! She looks darling in her new glasses. Reminds me of when Shawn was 5 years old and needed to wear glasses, we were lucky that it never seemed to bother him that he had to wear them:-) They've got such terrific looking glasses for kids now...oh dear, don't tell Shawn there are glasses out there with Sponge Bob on them...he's going to be 30 on Saturday and loves Sponge Bob! lol

I have no doubt the animals at Hidden Haven are enjoying every minute...look at the mama they have to take care of them:-) Spring is finally arriving here I type this it's pouring rain so that should help get rid of the rest of the snow!! xoxo

Jo said...

We are starting to see signs of spring here too. I am holding my breath though and hoping that everything doesn't bloom and then have a hard freeze like we did last year. We have a cherry tree and a couple of pears... no fruit from any of them last year.