Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally Off Butt Detail

That title should bring some crazy people from Google search. LOL William wanted me to get pictures of this but I never grabbed the camera in my rush to do what was being demanded of me.
ViVi had me trained well for the past few days. Newborn kids have a very sticky poop for a couple days. Usually the momma goat takes care of the cleaning when needed... not ViVi! She stands under the baby monitor( I have out there to keep check on the pregnant goats) and cries like something is terribly wrong. I run out only to have her look at me and nudge Willow's butt, then look at me again. I had to use baby wipes and clean Willows butt 4 or 5 times a day. A couple times it was a sticky mess all the way down his leg. It was really getting old and I tried telling ViVi she was suppose to be doing this but it didn't sink in. Yesterday while milking ViVi I saw Willow go potty and it was normal goat poop! I was so happy! Now I am waiting to see if BossyToes and Blinkin paid attention and will demand the same thing with their babies. In case you are wondering. It doesn't take but a couple tries for a goat to train a human.


Jo said...

That is hilarious..... Vivi has done an excellent job training her person... lol

I can just hear the talk around the goat yard if you don't automatically do the same for all the goats when they deliver...
"You know it is nice to have a person, but did you notice they are a little slow in the head." "Oh yes, I noticed that right away." "Vivi got her trained and just a short time later, well she forgot everything she learned." "Vivi is going to be very disappointed in our person." "I know, she was so proud of how quickly our person learned." "Who would have thought a person would have to be retrained every darn time." "Oh Well, you have to love her, she keeps trying!"

Have a great week sweety.

Iowa Gal said...

I reached in the fridge this morning and in my hurry to get things done a whole dozen eggs feel on the floor. GRRRRRRRRRR!! So when I read your post I needed the laugh. The pictures with their captions are wonderful. Still say you should write a book and put the pictures in. Have a good day!!

JoyceAnn said...

Smart Goat ........ that ViVi is !
I love hearing your stories about all the farm animals , hope one day to have my own farm animals to entertain me. I want to visit your farm one day , would love to meet these characters.

~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

Kelley said...

Oh Peggy! I do believe that Vivi is one smart goat! I mean c'mon, would you wanna clean that without wipes? LOL!
Thanks for getting my morning off to a good smart!
I love coming here!
Wishing you a wonderful day and week ahead! Ü

Jeanette said...

OHH peggy I laughed at you wiping Vivi>s kids Bum,, she really has got you trained..

Yesterday Penny my new Maltese Shitzu Pup had just been wormed and when i woke up she had pooped made a mess and was all over her bottom and back legs. with her white fun had to give her a bath. oby what a mess ....

Jeanne said...

Much love

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Lol Hope this wk. is much better for you!
Have a Great day!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Dear Trained human Peggy!! Yeap I know about being trained by an animal!! they are very clever and very smart!! I don't think people give them enough credit do you..Thanks for stopping by today..Hope your day is running smoothly.


amelia said...

That's so funny!!!
We have five very large indoor dogs and the things I have to clean up make me wonder who's the boss sometimes too!!!

Twinville said...

Ain't she a smart goat, now? Thank goodness humans aren't expected to lick off our newborn's butts.
Thank goodness for baby wipes.

Jules said...

Been there done that.
Since I work full time and run my country decor store, I am gone 6 days a week from morning until almost 8pm.

When our Nannys start kidding, it is a zoo around here. About half keep their kids as clean as a whistle. But the other half....argh...

Sometimes that yellow "stuff" is dried like concrete! I take the babes to the mop sink and wash their little hineys. When mama bleeps at me, I just tell her it's all her fault!