Friday, June 27, 2008

How Do You Spell Relief?

With a temp of 101F I spell it: I C E C R E A M

Not just any ice cream but homemade ice cream!

Edited for IowaGirl to say: yes it made a half gallon so come on down there is plenty to go around. :) Its so hot here that it started melting while I was putting the memory card in my camera to take the picture


peppylady said...

I bet ice cream started with goat milk is pretty good.

It wasn't yet hit that warm in North Idaho.
But it might get pretty close this weekend.

I posted a question over on my blog and your welcome to join in.

Iowa Gal said...

Just one bowl????????????? By the looks of that ice cream I think you had better get out some more as we are all coming to join ya!!

Jo said...

Well I am loading up the car as I type???? Anyhow...I will be there with bells on.

Eve said...

Good Lord woman, are you trying to kill my diet? That looks so good. I remember the ice cream we used to make in that turn crank style, ice cream maker..yum...Mama would add peaches or whatever fruit she was so good. I loved the lemon ice cream. You don't see good lemon ice cream anymore.

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Sure looks good.
Hope you stay cool in this hot weather!
Have a great wk.end my Friend!

Twinville said...

Oh man!! That looks so gooood! Please save me a bowl, too.

I can't wait until next spring when we have our own goats milk to make ice cream with. Yum!!

cindee said...

That looks so good!!! It was 108 here today. I need icecream too!!!!
I have made homemade icecream before when we had our milk cow. I haven't had goat icecream before though. Stay cool!!!!!

cindee said...

That looks so good!!! It was 108 here today. I need icecream too!!!!
I have made homemade icecream before when we had our milk cow. I haven't had goat icecream before though. Stay cool!!!!!

Cathy said...

Hello Peggy
Nice to see you the other day, thanks for popping in.

That ice cream looks very nice and tempting but like someone else mentioned we aren't sure if you are tyring to sabotage our eating plans or what lol

Now the sound of all that hot weather is music to my ears so if you can package some of that I'd be really grateful :)))

Take care

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Peggy, that sure looks good. The more and more I get into farm life I have begun to realize that I want to get a goat for milking. I make goat milk soap and would love to have my own goat milk. I grew up with two wethers Julio and Bertram. My two buddies, they were wonderful, but didnt give much milk though! I just love these guys. Kelly

Cathy said...

Hello again
I forgot to say what a difference the new look makes to your blog. Really nice and clear making it easier for me to read

Anonymous said...

Hey"babe"Finally got a chance to catch up on home,and then you have to tease me with the ice cream.Although,seems that I didn't get my fair share the last time in spite of being there, hummm go figure.It was as good as the other folks on here imagine it is.Will call tomorrow,got my phone charger patched for now. Love ya,william.

BClark said...

I found pictures of your goats on Peas blog. That drew me over as I have some little goats of my own. Mine are not dressed as nicely. Your ice cream looks so nummy!!


Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy..
Havent had home made ice cream since Mum made it many moons ago I remember helping to turn the handle on the churn I think it was packed down the sides with butchers salt.
Think ill book the next flight over to share some of that yummy home made ice cream..
Stay cool.

BTW way love your music it suits your post

karl said...

we just made ice cream for my daughters birthday. the kids had to crank. working toward such a glorious reward is a great thing.

judypatooote said...

YUMMMMM! I want to know how you find time to do all you do? Your blog sight is always changing, and it is just beautiful... judy

Annie said...

There is nothing better than home made Ice cream, we have made it twice this year so far and I might have to make some this weekend!

yours is making my mouth water!


City Mouse said...

That super-fresh Hidden Haven ice-cream looks wonderful! I can't imagine how good it tastes. Still not quite that hot up here, but hot enough. I'm looking forward to escaping to the Adks next week -still in the 40s at night up there!

Donna said...

Making ice cream is a talent I would like to develop someday!

Rosa said...

We used to make ice cream every summer until one summer it all tasted a little salty. The tub had rusted! Ew!!! I don't remember my parents every buying a new one. That sure does look good! xo

PS Your background is fab! I always forget to change mine as to the holiday coming until I visit you and get the hint! Thanks!!

nina said...

That looks like delicious--hope you get some relief!

Nina at Nature Remains

regina barnett said...

Yum! It looks good. Homemade Ice cream is so good.