Monday, June 02, 2008

Nitro (part 2)

Nitro is so happy! He is going to marry a princess! Princess Diva came from the far away land of Beaver Dam to live at Hidden Haven a year before Nitro. She had been waiting a long time for a husband. So the day finally arrived and Nitro and Diva were pronounced King and Queen of Hidden Haven.
They moved right into their honeymoon cottage and looked forward to becoming parents.
Nitro went from being kinda shy to being the center of attention. That was hard to do around Diva, the queen of attention. Even though he thought it was silly and beneath the King of Hidden Haven he dressed for Christmas photos.

Nitro got a great Christmas gift from Diva. She told him he was going to be a daddy! Mom was calling everyone she knew to tell them Hidden Haven was finally going to have its first baby goats! Nitro couldn't understand what all the excitement was but if everyone was happy, he was happy and thought it earned him some extra cookies. In the meantime there were several holidays he had to suffer through before the babies arrived and that meant more dressing up. Nitro wonders just how many hats mom has as it really is embarrassing wearing those dumb looking things.

The Day finally arrived! After many nights of Mom sleeping next to Diva and baby monitors listening to everything he did, Nitro was finally a daddy. Diva delivered twin boys!
Of course Nitro being the loving husband and devoted dad gave Diva a night out and watched the boys.
During the summer there were lots of mom's grandchildren around and Nitro loved the attention! He was always playful but gentle with them but sometimes had to remind them to give him a treat after play. Nitro became a fun, loving, gentle king of Hidden Haven. He couldn't believe how much he was loved by his human and goat family nor how much love he had to give back to each of them.

Life for Nitro was wonderful. He couldn't think of anything that could make it better. Little did he know there was even more wonderful and fun adventures about to happen for him...... to be continued.


Iowa Gal said...

I just love this story and wish you would put it in a book for us to buy. It is so heart warming and sad at the same time. I still say I want to come back as one of your goats.

Mandie said...

Very cute!! I am loving it so far!

miss*R said...

Peggy, I was so sad to read about Nitro's cancer. I know you must be devestated as I know how much these 'goats' are part of your family.. He has had a wonderful life with you and William and Diva of course and he will live on in his offspring. Bless you dear Peggy xoxo

miss*R said...

oh and I do think you should print your story out and maybe stick it into a scrapbook xo

Obe's said...

Who knew goats were so interesting? I find myself coming back to your blog its delightful!

meggie said...

Oh Peggy! I feel for you so. You are having one very hard year, this year.
I have just caught up with Nitro's story & the awful news of his cancer.
Hugs Peggy, & I am thinking of you.

PEA said...

Sis, do you know what's so wonderful about this story? I remember it all as it was happening:-) I started reading your blog before Nitro arrived so I remember all of this! He's had such a loving home with you and no matter what happens, you'll know that you did everything you could for him. He's loved...that's the most important thing. Love you sis! xoxo

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
How sweet. Your furry kids are so Blessed to live with you:o)
Have agreat wk.

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I love your hats:) We are enjoying Nitro's story. It's nice to see life being shared from such a sad ending. Blessings to you

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Just like Carol, I remember all of this going along with this story is like re-living everything that i would read every day here on your blog. Hang in there peggy..


Jeanne said...

So sweet and precious indeed.
Blessings and much love

Twinville said...

I wish I was a goat and could live on Hidden Haven Farm.
Nitro is so lucky!
We love Nitro!!

Anonymous said...

What a great story. I can't wait to read more!
Nitro is so lucky to have a wonderful home and loving family.
I am so sorry about the cancer but there is always hope.

City Mouse said...

That is a wonderful, wonderful story; and the pics you chose are really sweet. The pic with the little red goatie barn and the two is my favorite. Cool posts about Nitro - thanks!

Rachel said...

Ah.....great story so far!! Love seeing him in all the hats again!!