Saturday, July 26, 2008

Busy Saturday

The mighty warriors have been working on fine tuning their torches. They also strung and broke my green beans. I went out to pick the cucumbers and tomatoes and found my beans were ready to pick. I only picked a bucket for now but Monday will have me picking alot and getting them ready to can. Each one of the boys did a load of laundry in the washtubs this morning and I did a load of towels. They cleaned their room and made their beds and washed their breakfast dishes. We went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch and now are back home getting ready to do afternoon chores. Its warm but cloudy so a good outdoor day. Tomorrow is suppose to be hot and muggy. I have been asked to do a post on my washday using our non electric (handcrank) wringer. I am getting some links together and will try to post tomorrow evening. The mighty warriors and I had a really good supper last night. Salmon patties, fresh corn on the cob,mashed potatoes, rolls, cucumbers and tomatoes right out of the garden and fresh cantaloupe. Tonight we are having some of our green beans with new potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumbers, tomatoes, baked chicken breasts, biscuits and watermelon. Hopefully Woody and Zack will get a little meat on their bones. I'm sorry there hasn't been any Hidden Haven stories or homesteading news but its been rather busy. I will get back on track in the next few days. Have a blessed weekend.


PEA said...

Such fine Mighty Warriors you have may be putting them to work but they're also having a terrific time. I'll be right over for supper, everything sounds soooo good and I love anything fresh from the garden. My veggie garden is slowly starting to grow, it had such a late start, nothing will be ready to eat until next month!! Love you sis! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a busy Saturday you have had!

Lib said...

Lol,Love those torches! :o)
SOme good workers you have there!
Have a great wk.end!

Janera said...

When I was a little girl, I liked to help my grandma wash her laundry in her wringer washer on the back porch.

Today, I do about 30 loads of laundry per week, so I'm thankful for electricity. Still, those wringer-washer memories are precious to me. They will be precious to your warriors, too.

Love your black/white. So soothing.

meggie said...

Children sure keep you busy, even when they help!
Your meals sound lovely, those children are very lucky!

Ron said...

Looks like those boys are having a blast. Looking forward to reading about the laundry wringer. :)


FARMLIFE said...

Now I am hungry. Makes me want to get my garden going! I can't wait for the washday pics!

Marci said...

I know your grandchildren have a ball when they come and stay with you.

Come on over to my blog, you won an award!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy. I know the grands have been a big help and had a wonderful time. The supper sounds delicious.
Have a great week and I hope you get a lot of green beans canned. Mine are just about through making now.

judypatooote said...

I'll bet the mighty warriors love coming to grandmas house....You are such a hard worker, but you seem to love the work you do.... I would be in heaven just to be able to take pictures of all your animals.....your pictures turn out beautiful.... judy

Nancy said...

When do you find time to cook? Your meals sound sooooooo good! Those boys probably work up quite an appetite, too!

Love your banjo music! Mu daughter plays banjo. (Piano, organ, and saxophone, too!) We are a music family. The banjo music fits right in with your blog so nicely! Absolutely LOVE it! I always leave your blog feeling so good! Makes for a happy day for me! Thank you!

Looking forward to laundry with the wringer washer. My grandma had one of those, and I remember how she always turned the buttons to the inside so they wouldn't get broken going through the wringer.

I am behind in reading blogs but aim to get caught up! I work 2 jobs so am on dealdine right now, but sneaking in to read a few blogs!

(((((( HUGS ))))))