Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In A Pickle

Dill pickles that is. After picking the cukes I decided to make some pickles for William. Tomorrow I will be making bread and butter pickles for me. My cucumber vines are loaded with blooms and cukes. Going to be lots of pickles this winter! Monday was a busy one. Besides making pickles, I got 3 loads of laundry done in the washtubs and hung out to dry. Moved hens and chicks around. We are milking 4 goats twice a day at the moment. That will change soon when the others kid. We will be milking a total of 7 twice a day! Plenty of milk for cheese and ice cream. Cleaned off the back porch which included cleaning and refilling Buds swimming pool. He couldn't wait. As soon as I filled it he was relaxing in the water. He isn't spoiled at all. He spent about a hour soaking then crawled up to his heating pad for a long warm nap. What a hard life! Poured more soaps today and also bagged and tagged the soaps that were dry. Have several orders to ship out tomorrow along with a local delivery. Need to dust the beans tomorrow to keep the beetles off. They are starting to nibble on the leaves. Going to plant more squash and see if I can keep getting squash right up till frost. Got to do some grocery shopping to restock the staples. Need to check on straw and pick up feed. Life is never ending around here. But its also never boring. Off to check on the pregnant goats and then do some paperwork. Have a blessed one!


Lib said...

Poor Bud!LOL
Your pickles looks good. I like bread and butter best also.
Us Homesteaders has a full but rewarding life huh?:o)
Have agreat day!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Peggy, how do you have time to blog? WOW!! I am just simply worn out after I read what you have done all day!! man..i must be lazy.


Marci said...

Peggy, you are busier than a one armed paper hanger. It will keep you young!!!

Annie said...

Wow, You did have a busy day! My cucumbers are just beginning to come on, I cant wait! I have lots of little ones, just have to wait until they are big enough to pick off the vine!
Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

We do have busy lives on farms, don't we? But it sure is worth it!
Farm living is the life for me.
The pickles look wonderful and I enjoyed all the pictures so much.
Have a good week!

Jo said...

Ahhhhh, but it is the good life.

Have a blessed week Peggy.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I love brine pickles, must be crisp, to eat with my deli meat sandwich on dark rye bread.

Just thought I would tell you this in case I ever drop by for lunch:)

You will have to register as a dairy farm if you get many more goats milking.

City Mouse said...

Making pickles is one of my favorite things to do! My favorite recipe is a hamburger chips one that I got long ago, although I do have one of those fast recipes that I call "Quickles." (I have to admit though - I usually use recycled lids and I don't can them properly ... I just stick 'em in the fridge.)

cindee said...

Wow you are a busy girl!!! Bud looks like he has the life!!! Is he in a cage or just running around on his own? Kinda scary looking critter(-: LOL

JoyceAnn said...

Bud looks pretty content. The pickles look delicious. I hope my cucumbers decide to grow. I think maybe I should plant some more , and squash too , it would be nice to have them up to frost.

~ Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

PEA said...

Well that's a fine pickle you got yourself into!! hehe Hi sis:-) My goodness, you're already making pickles...my cukes have just started to come out of the ground so I won't have any to pickle until at least August! You're wayyyyyy ahead of us!! I make Dill Pickles and Bread & Butter..yummm.

I think in my next life I want to come back as an iguana. lol Bud sure has the life, doesn't he! hehe

Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful daughter Maggie! I see that she takes after her mom for her love of animals:-)

You even make your own ice cream????? Sisssssssss....how could you do this to me, I so love ice cream! lol

So many babies around the homestead, all so adorable. The goats sure have you busy with the milking, wow! You love it, though:-) xoxo

meggie said...

Bud is one lucky individual!!
Love all those babies.

Kelli said...

MMmm..I sure wish I could taste your yummy pickles!

Cathy said...

Ok Peggy
There are some of us who have no idea what Bread and Butter Pickles are lol
For the overseas visitors could you please explain:))
Take care

Lynda said...

Peggy, thanks so much for visiting my blog. When I saw your header photo ... I knew I'd found a kindred spirit ;) Your animals are lovely & your goats are so pretty compared to the ones we get here in Africa ! I'll be back ....
Lynda, Kilimanjaro, East Africa

Pony Girl said...

You are a busy gal!
Wish I liked pickles...never cared for them. I love cucumbers, though. Is that strange? ;)
Now I am craving homemade strawberry jam, for some reason!

Jeanette said...

Ohh Peggy your making my mouth water I love Pickle Cukes and I buy bread and btter pickles over here,,, sooooooo yummy, wish I was close so I could try your fresh pickles... Ohhh look at bud so spoillt..

Nen said...

mmmm! homemade pickles! sounds delicious!

Kathleen Marie said...

My goodness you do have a variety in that managerie of yours! ☺ My sister has a critter that looks a lot like Bud - She doesn't have goats but she does have dogs, cats, lizards, birds, dragons, sugar fliers and I am not sure what else.... You two should meet ☺


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Peggy, I love coming over to visit you and keeping up with all of your pets and kids..I love bread and butter pickles the best..I could not keep up with your work load everyday...Do you ever get aches or pain??Take care my friend. Hugs, Baba

Juli said...

I tried to post here 3 times the other day. I hope it goes thru this time :)

Bread n butters are my favorites ! I didn't get any cukes planted this year and I miss have the sweet n sour cukes with summer lunches. Maybe next year :)