Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Already?

Fred was right again. No rain last night. Weatherman missed again. They are calling for thunderstorms tonight but Fred says not. I have been busy pouring candles, making fall scented soaps, cleaning the soap building, cleaning the guestroom and catching up on all the paperwork that seems to multiply when I turn my back. I am still working on the first of the weeks chores and its time to do weekend ones. Always behind but at least I never run out of things to do. Got to make a soap gift basket for a customers aunt. I love making gift baskets and this customer likes sending them as gifts so it works out for both of us.
Well the laundry is piled on the sofa waiting for me to fold and put away. Soaps are waiting to be bagged and tagged. Everyone have a nice evening. To those in the hurricanes path stay safe and know you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Rosa said...

Fred! You need to do a little Fred's Weather page element on the side so we can keep up with the weather! Too funny. Oh Peggy, that basket is gorgeous. That ribbon, the little pumpkins, everything! Wow!! I used my cold water soap first and I am loving it. I always want to just try them all at once, but I've been good. Yes, I'm keeping TX in my thoughts and prayers too.

debi said...

Oh Peggy you put me in the fall mood. Think I will drag out my craft and decor boxes in the morning and get going. I love the fall leaves falling from the cursor.

Anonymous said...

Peggy you gotta slow down... you are making me look real bad!
We were spose to get thunderstorms tonight but I haven't seen one flash of lightning nor drop of rain. Your blog is looking beautiful.. so pretty!
Have a wonderful weekend Peggy.
xox Nicole

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Good for FRED!! He is indeed a good weather teller!! smile!! My parents in Illinois are getting more rain again. They have had tons of rain this year!! I told Mother that she is going to have to start building an ark soon!! smile. Have a great day!!

Lib said...

HI Peggy,
Good for Fred I vote him #1 Weatherman!:o)
I'm with you! I Love to make gift baskets, so much fun to make.
I posted one of our favorites lol
what else a
Have a great day Friend!

J said...

That basket is lovely. How you ever find time to play dress up with Diva, I'll never know. You are a busy bee!

JoyceAnn said...

I've enjoyed reading about Fred's predictions , great weather man you have there.

That basket is lovely , I need to order more soap soon. I may try some of the Fall scents.

Praying for the people in Texas too.

~ Fall Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

Love goat milk soap;)

PEA said...

The weatherman was wrong??? Well I'll be! hehe I'm telling you, Fred should replace him! lol Oh sis, I just love those gift baskets you make, how gorgeous they are. How I'd love to be inside your soap shop, I can well imagine how wonderful it all smells. I love your soaps!! Love you sis. xoxo