Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bad News- Good News

We volunteered to foster 2 dogs while their family are in Germany. Friends of the family that had been keeping them brought them last night. It was raining, dark and the dogs were scared. Kuro the male slipped out of his collar when they were getting him out of the truck. He ran away. Kuma the female I took and put in a pen while we tried to find Kuro. He was found down the road later last night hit by a car. He was dead. Very bad news to have to tell the family about their sweet Kuro. The good news is Kuma spent the night inside with me. She got a nice warm bath and brushing. She has decided I am hers and follows me everywhere. Wherever I am she lays at my feet. The owners are sad about Kuro but very understanding. I sent them pictures of Kumo this morning and she smiled for them. I know she misses Kuro but I think she is beginning to warm up to being at Hidden Haven. Afterall she already knows where the treats are!


Anonymous said...

Kuma is a lovely dog. I know she's glad to feel your love today. Bless you!

Brooke said...

I just read this! It's so sad! Our family is Big animal lovers! I try to save as many as I can...but living in the city it's hard! We just had a kitty go missing Thursday and have not seen her and it's just breaking my heart! We have 5 cats and the other 4 no she's gone and are acting sad! We are praying she'll return safe and sound!


Kyfarmlife said...

How terrible about your friends dog...very sad. I'm sure his "girlfriend" is mourning him!
I'm glad you posted the pics of your goat, I have heard that goats have a hard time when they kid and that its common to loose momma or the kid....Good luck on the new arrival, but sorry about the stillborn...your right it happens on a kills me when we cant save a calf....but where there is life there is death.

meggie said...

A bittersweet story. I would hate to lose one of our dogs, but know they wont last forever.
Kumo looks happy & at least she is safe.

hunny1970 said...

Jason and I are so thankful that you are Kuma's "other" mom while we are here. We know she is being loved. Please give our girl lots of hugs and kisses for us. I think God sent Christmas Angel from Heaven to be with Kuro. Debbi