Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Calendar Winner!

I just couldn't pick a winner since everyone wrote just wonderful answers on why they wanted a Hidden Haven calendar and where they would hang it. I decided since my hubby doesn't know each of you as blog neighbors he would be the perfect one to choose a winner. He had a very hard time. He read every ones comments then he called me and read them to me and told me why each one was such a good answer. After much thinking and rereading comments a bunch of times he came up with a winner and 2 runner ups! The winner of the calendar is:

Betsy from Tennessee!! Here is her comment:

Good Morning Peggy, It's a whopping FIVE degrees here this morning. Brrrrr!!! I put out some extra goodies for my birdies today. Poor things!!!I have ordered my calendar already but I'd love a chance at a free one. I will put mine in my computer room just above my printer. That way I can see your cuties every day--and think about YOU. IF I am lucky enough to win a FREE one, I would give it to my wonderful inlaws. Mom Adams is 88 and Dad is a young 96. They would LOVE the calendar since they had a small farm themselves years and years ago.

Runner up is: Ga.FarmWoman ! Her comment:

Hi Peggy,I know exactly where I need a pretty calender like that. In the new incubator. We have to keep up with what day the eggs are set, when the last day to turn, when to put them in the hatching tray. Then start over with the new setting.Plus I never get tired of looking at animals.

And the second runner up is: Rebal and her comment:

I would adore one of your calendars. I would hang it in my kitchen and it would bring a smile to my face everyday, and to every other face that would look upon it. I really would like to get a few goats and looking' at a picture of them everyday would help convince my husband it would be a good thing.

So ladies send me your mailing information. Betsy you will be getting your calendar and the 2 runner ups will receive a bar of Diva's soap. One of the new spring scents not listed yet.

I think you all left great comments! It meant a lot to me reading how you felt about Hidden Haven and the animals here. Heidi said it perfectly:

Because how much you love your animals impresses me and I want to feel like I can be a part of it!!! :)

Thank you so much for taking part in the give away. I will be doing more after the holidays so keep checking in.


Anonymous said...

Congrats everyone!

Anonymous said...

This was a lot of fun Peggy! Congrats to the winners. First hand, I can say that your soaps are WONDERFUL and I know Betsy will enjoy your cute calendar!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Congrads to the winners, I hope they enjoy theirs as much as I will mine :o)

I got your message and yes I did get my stocking from my Nana Nell
I am sad because I did send you a message, that doesn't make me sad what does it I send my Nana two long e-mails, it sounds like she did not get them :o( I am going to see if I still have them and if so I will try to resend them

City Mouse said...

Congrats to the Calendar Girls! =)

Rosa said...

They are lucky to have a little piece of the homestead each month of the year! Congrats to the winners!

Kelly or Alex said...

I know they will enjoy the free calender, however, I didn't want to wait and take a chance that I didn't win so I ordered one. I can't wait! We will hang it in the office so we can see the farm everyday. I know I won't be able to keep it long. Jasmine, my 5 yo granddaughter will want it so expect another order. Have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Peggy... I've never won anything in my life. This is SO special... My inlaws will LOVE it I'm sure. Thank you so very very much.. Made me teary!!!! How wonderful!!!!

Merry Christmas and Thanks again.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Im so happy Betsy won . I was going to nominate her if niminations were requested. Congrats to all

Rachel said...

Hoorah to the winners!

PEA said...

Oh phooey, I missed taking part in the contest!! Waaaaaaaaa!!!! With my company this past weekend I just didn't have any time to visit anyone. Congratulations to your winners:-) Love you sis. xoxo

profenretraite said...

My congrats to the winners! Have a Merry Christmas!...Debbie

Rebel said...

Thank you so much. I am sorry it took me so long to comment, like everyone else I was way too busy with Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I was checkin' and readin' missed post earlier today. I can't wait to get my Diva's soap. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
I was catching up on your posts.
My children were here all weekend(which I loved) and just left yesterday evening. I am behind on blogs.
Thank-you to you and William.
I can't wait to get my bar of Diva's soap.
Thanks again.