Monday, December 15, 2008

Stocking Swap

Patty received her stocking today. Boy was her stocking full of wonderful goodies! Please let me know if you haven't received your stocking. I know of one for sure that hasn't but need to know of any others. Thanks everyone for making this a great swap. After last year I had my doubts of doing another one but you made it very fun!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thanks for the cookie link, Im almost afraid to check it out. I will be wanting ot bake every cookie I see:) Im off to bake choc. chips now. Where is William headed to?

City Mouse said...

Hey ! That looks exactly like my couch!

Glad the swap went beautifully and it all worked out gloriously. Happy holidays to all!

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone really spoiled her!