Sunday, January 25, 2009


Mildred has a post today showing some of her mother's beautiful collections. I always enjoy the posts she writes about her mom as it brings many memories of my mother to surface. After seeing her mother's quilt I wanted to repost pictures of the quilt mother embroidered I have. She hand embroidered a quilt for each child, grandchild and great grandchild along with quilts for her brothers, sisters, some nieces and nephews. She also made baby quilts for so many friends and family baby showers. She did over 700 quilts! My quilt is of the presidents of the United States. Each square has a hand embroidered head of a president, the year he was born and died. It has what number president he was and even his signature is hand embroidered. Reagan was president when she made the quilt so that is the last president she stitched.
It looks drawn but every detail is hand embroidered. She spent many hours stitching. She had the most beautiful slim hands. I think the stitching kept them young and pretty. She made so many quilts that people would ask her to make special ones for their friends and family. Mother made, butterfly quilts, a quilt with all the states, dolls of all the countries, etc. She never said no. If you could give her pictures to trace from to make her pattern she would stitch it. At her funeral it was only right there be quilts. The last two quilts (one angels and one butterflies) she made were placed by her coffin. She died 4 years ago on January 14th but the memories we each have of mother wraps around and warms us each time we touch or see her quilts. She left a piece of her heart with each of us. Thank you Mildred for your beautiful post and stirring up memories of my own.


Mrs.Ruiz said...

What a beautiful memory of your mom, her quilts are absolutely lovely. My grandma died when I was 14 and my mom has the unfinished quilt that she was making when she passed, I have asked for the pieces to finish it. This was a beautifil tribute to your mom and all mom's out there:)

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Peggy, quilters are my favorite artists, I'd rather have one of your mothers quilts than a famous painting. Your presidents quilt is just unbelievable in the detail. Thanks for sharing. My mother has passed too, when your Mama goes... that's a loss I'll never get over.

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I so enjoyed hearing about your Mother and her talent. What treasured heirlooms she left so many people. Her workmanship is extraordinary. I will always think of her when I see lovely hand-made quilts now. Thanks dear friend for sharing.

Jess said...

Lovely post Peggy, Your mother sounds like she was a wonderous woman, and I too remember my grandmas hands as being pretty.

So you are stirring our memories as well.... gorgeous quilts, and how nice of her to make each child one specially.

Have a great day,
love, Jess

marty39 said...

What a wonderful treasure your mom left for so many people. I have my mother's quilts that she made and received as gifts as a young bride, and I've made 3 quilts. So much work goes into these works of art. I treasure all of mine also and it does bring back so many wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing yours. Hugs, Marty

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Peggy.... I love this post. Like Mildred's, this one also brings back such great memories of my mother. She didn't quilt--but I have one of her quilts (very old) --and it is so special.

Your mother was extremely talented. I cannot imagine making one quilt muchless 700. Yours of the Presidents has got to be special. And Reagan has always been my all-time favorite President. So that makes that quilt even more special.

God Bless our mothers.. They would be proud of all three of us (yours, Mildred's, and mine) I think now.

How are the kids doing today?

Kristie said...

They are beautiful, Peggy!

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

They are beautiful, the detail on the President quilt is amazing, it took a lot of talent to do something like that. Your mom was a talented artist.

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

That Quilt is AMAZING! Wow...I got Chills! GORGEOUS!!

Raggedy Girl said...

This post has hit my heart on so many levels: I am a quilter and the quilts at your Mom's funeral are such a lovely gesture. I lost my Mom on January 15th four years ago and I miss her so. And I was so touched by the inauguration of our first black president and so saddened by people who are so angry that he won that they cannot remember that God and God alone raises up our leaders and we should all be praying for him in unity. And we should have done that for our last president too. And so the beautiful quilt with all the presidents on it and ending with my very favorite one. Wow this was quite a post for me and you stirred up all kinds of feelings. Thank you so much.
Have a great Sunday,
Roberta Anne

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Peggy what a nice tribute to your mother..I am sure she was very proud of you..
I have quilts of my mothers; grandmothers and two of my great grandmothers..I just love them. I have tried to quilt several times but i am not good at it at all...BUT I did try hard..
Thanks for stopping by on Mike and my 45th wedding anniversary!!

Anonymous said...

The quilts are beautiful, Peggy. Just like your memories of your Mother.
Thanks for sharing them.

Rachel said...

I love quilts and those are beautiful! She was very talented and to make over 700!! That is a record I'd say!!

Mary said...


Beautiful memories. I love the President's quilt that your Mom made you. It is an exquisite piece of art as well as being a family treasure.

Mom also quilts and has made quilts for so many in the family. She is still working on some. Grandma also quilted and I wish I had one of her quilts today.

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful tribute to your mother.


rebel said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mother. My Mother will be gone 21 years this March. I still miss her a lot and think about her all the time.

Sharon said...

Your Presidents quilt is beautiful. That was also a beautiful way to honor your mother at her death.

Thank you for leaving your condolences on my blog this weekend,

Thistledew Farm said...

I too love Mildred's posts - What beautiful quilts - your mother was very talented!

DayPhoto said...

What a beautiful post to your Momma! It is so hard to lose people in our lives, just so terribly hard.

I do believe in a life here-after, if I didn't it would make for very hard going here after we lose those to whom we love and have loved


Kuma's Mom said...

Wow what a wonderful memory. I love the quilts! My mom was a knitter and I have all the sweaters she made me and I don't wear them because I don't want them to wear out! My mom did make me a quilt out of Kimonos (traditional Japanese dress) that belonged to her, my grandmother and my great grandmother. She passed away in 2002. Your store brought back a lot of good memories. =)

Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

Hey! I nominated you for the Butterfly Award! Check out my blog for the details! (2nd post down)

Pam said...

What a wonderful quilt, and what a treasure to have. Your mother was so talented.

Anonymous said...

What a treasure of memories you have!
The Presidents quilt is simply breathtaking!