Friday, January 02, 2009

Quiet Night

A rainy cool day with lots of work done with my soap business. Now that night is here, the rain has stopped and the sky is filled with stars. I made the rounds and all the animals are snuggled down for the night. The outside lights are on to make checking on the goats during the night easier. The inside lights are off and the oil lamps are lit. Its so nice and cozy sitting and reading by the light of the oil lamps. There is a nice fire in the stove and the tea kettle is resting on top waiting for me to make a cup of hot tea. The house is nice and quiet as the TV has been turned off all day. My goal is to wean myself from TV. I use to have it on all day just for company as noise in the background. Today I got more done as the TV didn't distract me. Tonight I am going to start reading on the books I have had forever . So a nice quiet night is a blessing to me. Of course if one of the girls decided to go into labor and deliver a new doeling that would be an even bigger blessing!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a nice, calm night in Carolina, Peggy. I hope you have a few days to get some rest before the new 'babies' come!!!!

I never did get the calendar. Do you think it may have gotten lost? I hope not. I really want to give it to my sweet inlaws.

Keep us posted on the upcoming births.

City Mouse said...

Ohh ... that just looks wonderful. Looks like it's a nice night at Hidden Haven.

(I put the tv on for company too.)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures Peggy. Sounds so cozy to sip on hot tea and read by the light of the oil lamps. Your days have been so busy, I am glad you have a little time to yourself tonight ... for now! Are you working on any new soaps for the spring & summer yet?

Kelly or Alex said...

I agree with you about the TV. Peace and quiet are wonderful things. It seems so much warmer and peaceful by firelight.

Joanna said...

Sounds like my kinda evening. Do you read by the oil lamps?

Rebel said...

I'm glad you're havin' a nice evening. It's nice and quiet around here too. It is amazin' how much more peaceful it is with no boob box on. I actually haven't had it on much here lately. At Christmas time I listen to Christmas music all day. Now if I can just stay in the habit of no t.v........

Raggedy Girl said...

Hi Peggy:
I like the idea of a TV diet as I tend to put it on for the noise too. I think about your furry babies all the time. God bless you, sweetie.
Roberta Anne

Anonymous said...

It's always nice having those kind of evenings Peggy, your one oil lamp looks like the one my Grandma has here, we use oil lamps alot around here especially when we have our many power outages, we picked up ours from Kidron, Ohio at Lehman's Hardware.

Rosa said...

How lovely your quiet night looks. Hope you get the night off. Sleep tight. xo

The Muse said...

how delightfully...peaceful.

JK said...

Love the lamp light :-)
Hope kidding goes trouble free and easy for you and the girls.
The TV rarely comes on here before 7 or 8 in evening, unless the better half is home. ;-) he likes to lounge in his recliner and watch a movie. I think it's actually his way of getting in a nap between projects.
Looking forward to seeing photos of the new kids.

amelia said...

That sounds so nice, it reminds me of my Nan's house in England when i was a little girl.

My two hobby loves are knitting and reading and it's almost impossibe to do both at the same time so my pile of books keeps growing..

I also am a compulsive crossword puzzler so I really have to stop knitting when i get a good one.

Christy said...

I'm always too tired at night to read, so I vege in front of the TV. I need to change something so that isn't the case anymore.

Homemaker Ang said...

we have a lot of nights like this :)

every one of them! HA! at least the no lighting, etc.

Happy New Year... I have been a way from here a while. I have been thinking lots about your daughter M and wonder how she is?

God bless you!

FarmHouse Style said...

Oooo, that sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening. Nourishment for body and soul:-)


The Mind of a Mom said...

I hope you enjoy your book! :o)
I am waiting for the goats to have their babies, I am hoping that I get to be selected as a goat-mother to one of the babies! I have my contest going on for the calendar give-a-way I received one on Friday and I love it! I used CC's pic for my post because I just love her colours and fluffiness!
Take Care
Have a great weekend

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

My oil lamps are from a Canadian National Railroad line shack. They give enough light to get around but not to easily read by. They sure do give a cozy light.

May your reading carry you off to wonderful worlds of imagination.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

It looks so cozy:) Do you want some company

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. I hope you love your time and book. I am reading a book I started lastnight.

Mary said...


Sounds like you've had a wonderful day. I like to burn oil lamps. That's all Grandma had when I was young and burning them brings back a certain warmth and coziness.

Enjoy your books, my friend. What are you reading?


Sharon said...

I don't like much tv either. It use to consume me. But since we moved here I've managed to tear myself away from it, thank God. You have a peaceful home there :)
Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I applaud your weaning yourself away from television. I did the same thing years ago and you will be amazed at how much time you have to pursue other interests without the distraction of a television constantly on! I started listening to music, or listening to audio books if I felt a need for background noise.

Good luck with the new baby (babies?).