Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Yet

Modem hasn't arrived yet so I am still on the laptop. Hopefully tomorrow. Things are still busy here. William has been working like crazy to get the outside cleaned up. Which is mostly putting away his equipment and tools. We have also been cleaning up around the toolshed and hay barn. Tomorrow is suppose to be 72F and Sunday night they are calling for snow, go figure! Had a homeschool family visit the farm today. They enjoyed playing with the kids in kiddie daycare. They got to hold Tiny Tina and of course Diva and DiDi had to make sure and get some of their attention. Fred is still wooing Tessa. She is still flirting with Elvis through the fence. The geese have their nests all made and have several eggs. Molene and Curly take turns on hatching eggs. Molene will sit and hatch the first eggs and then Curly will sit and hatch a batch a couple months later. Bonnie and Clyde have their love nest all made and Bonnie has a couple eggs. Hopefully her will hatch this year. Last year she sat very lovingly on her eggs only to have none hatch. It was during the hot summer and she had made her nest in the sun. This year they have a new house that is under the shades of the oak trees. Her eggs shouldn't get too hot and she should have babies. We should also have baby bunnies in time for Easter. Our new black and white spotted rabbit got right to business with one of our lady rabbits. You can tell spring is coming with all the love in the air with the animals. Can't wait till I can post photos again. The animal family has really kept me busy snapping their crazy stunts and adventures. Tomorrow we go to Dunn. Looking forward to meeting Richard in person at Barnyard Feed and Seed. This business has been there for 100 years and they want to sell my soaps! Will be sure and take my camera along. He sent me a cute picture of his Dixie Chicks. They were soft little fluffy chicks on a dixie flag. LOL Thank you all for your emails and comments about my computer. The photos I am upset I lost are ones I saved in files on the computer of each goat delivering, grands visits, farm visitors, etc that I hadn't posted in blogger or anywhere. Just kept in files. Also files on my etsy and soap business that will take forever to make again. But things could be worse. I am blessed I was able to repair the computer and that William is home for me to borrow his laptop. Tomorrow I hope to have my modem...... now I have that song going around in my mind.... night all.


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I am sorry to hear about your computer problems. Those are so frustrating! Sorry about the lost pictures, I know how special they can be!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I hope you do get your modem tomorrow. Glad your computer could be repaired--but I'm sorry you lost all of your pictures. Since you posted many of them on Blogger, is there not a way you can go into your blog posts, drag them to your desktop and save them on a new file???? You might check into that. The pictures may be a bit smaller--but at least you will have them. (I just tried it on my blog --I held down my mouse and drug the picture to my desktop. It worked.)

If I can be of any help with this, let me know...


Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy,
Computers sure can be aggravating at times, can't they?
I hate you lost some files and pictures.
It is exciting about Barnyard Feed and Seed wanting to sell your soaps! I know they will sell wonderful, because they are so good.
Good luck on it all.

Mary said...


Sounds like you and William have been really busy. There's always more to do than hours in the day when you live on a farm.

I hope your modem arrives, but am sorry that you lost your photos. I've had that happen to me more than once. Now I save them on photobucket.

Take care and enjoy the nice weather. It's been about 30F here for a few days, but it's raining now and a cold front is to move in tomorrow.

Thanks so much for entering my book giveaway.


rebel said...

You're havin' so much fun! We're havin' the same weather you are.
We use to have a Bonnie and Clyde. A pair of banties. They were the lovinest chickens and all their offspring were the same.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you two are busy bees! I am so excited about the stores selling your soaps. Can't wait for you to share pictures of your trip to Dunn. Have a great weekend.

ChristyACB said...

Your computer trouble has inspired me to learn about my automatic backup feature...and actually turn it on!

Congrats on the soap! Big thing, that!

Will be happy to see spring pictures of all the animals when you get all settled in computer land.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is good to know that life goes on in your animal kingdom. We all that barnyard romance I am jealous!

You could recover the pictures you posted on your web blog. And you may have sent some to friends and family, who have them saved on their computer. I even have a couple of you on my computer!

If you open an album (Picasa, Flickr, et. al) you can file pictures away there. When I lost all my pictures I found most of them there where they are saved on a server and not your hard drive.

We are have a near blizzard today.


PEA said...

I've got the Love Boat theme song in my head thinking of all the love going on around Hidden Haven Homestead! hehe It's 1F here right now and during the night we got another 8 inches of snow dumped on's soooo depressing, it's not funny! lol Fingers crossed you get your modem soon. Love ya sis. xoxo