Saturday, March 21, 2009

Meeting a Blog Neighbor that is a real Neighbor

Ro is a blog neighbor that I have enjoyed reading. She is all about living the simple life and getting back to basics. When I found out we both shopped at the same Tractor Supply I knew we must be neighbors in real life and invited her to bring her sons over for a visit with Ms. Diva and the girls. Ro remembered I like tea and have been having a stressful week so brought me some calming tea. Guess what I am drinking! Will let you know how it works. Her two sons and a couple of the neighborhood boys had fun riding in the wagon and swinging. They also enjoyed trying to catch baby goats and petting Diva and the girls. The rabbits had just gotten moved around to different cages so weren't too happy to sit still and be petted. They will be coming to visit again and bring some friends with them. Next time the boys want to try their hand at milking and have more time to play. Thanks for the tea Ro!


Rosa said...

How wonderful for you both!!

Chickenista said...

How fun is that??? Thats so awesome! Closest bloggy buddy I found to me is Phoenix which isn't really that close. A three or so hour drive.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to share part of your day. Let us know about the tea - sounds great.

Anonymous said...

How nice to meet someone in person who reads your blog!

Raggedy Girl said...

How nice it must be to meet a bloggy friend.

Roberta Anne

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That is neat to actually 'meet' a blogger friend--who lives near you. How wonderful!!!! Looks like you ALL had a good time. How was the tea????

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time. My oldest is already asking when we will go back. The youngest did not want to leave. He went to bed early he was so tired.

Rose Anders

Dana said...

I wish I was your neighbor:)

Patrice Farmer said...

I've met two blog neighbors. Thats pretty cool!!

Rachel said...

How nice to meet a blogging friend! I have met several, all great folks!!

Hope the tea worked well for you!

Barbara said...

Peggy, Isn't it wonderful to find you have a new friend. I have met a few and hope to meet more soon.

Glad to hear you got some help, I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with chores.

Come see my new baby goats.

Yarn Princess said...

It really is a small world, isn't it?

Terri said...

That's so great - aren't you lucky!
I would love to meet some of my bloggy friends some day!

Lib said...

How wonderful for both of ya'll!
Happy SPring!
HAve A Great wk.

Mary said...


I had lots of catching up to do and enjoyed the photos and captions. I'm so glad that your blog/neighbor was able to come and visit with her boys. I'm sure they were delighted with the animals.

I have milked cows by hand but never a goat. It would be interesting to give it a try. Maybe one day we will be down your way.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I'd dropped by. Of course this week has sped by with the boys being home for March Break.

Take care and enjoy the animals. I love the farm in spring.


DayPhoto said...

What a nice thing to have happen. To meet one of the blogging friends in real life!