Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Simple Life

is sometimes not so simple. Things go along smoothly and I get relaxed and a bit lazy. I find myself letting somethings go in order to spend more time doing the chores I enjoy. Now I am playing catch up on lots of paperwork and taxes. I forget to count my blessings some days and take for granted things running smoothly. The past few weeks its been anything but smooth around here. William's truck broke down and we are waiting on the mechanic to take the transmission out. While his truck is down he isn't earning a paycheck which means pinching those pennies. We have tried to catch up on outside chores but it has rained almost every day. We had some plumbing problems and William spent the day crawling under the house and digging up pipelines. Killer hatched out some baby chicks so we manned gloves and long sleeves to catch her and the babies to put in a pen. She is one mean momma! Killer doesn't peck and let go. She bites and holds on, bringing blood while you try to pry your skin from her beak. Now you know how she got her name. Tessa the turkey is sitting on her eggs. Fred is upset his girlfriend is not out and about so he can flirt and show his feathers. Molene the goose is sitting on her eggs. The problem there is Curly and Lucy are going in the nest and laying eggs too. Molene will get up and scoot their eggs under her too. She is now sitting on a huge pile of eggs and we have to figure out how to get past Larry and Ricky to get some of the eggs outta the nest. Being bitten by a goose is almost as painful as Killer's bite. Bonnie the goose is sitting on her eggs just fine and Clyde is being a good father to be. He won't let you anywhere near Bonnie's nest so we can't leave her food and water too close. The goats have found theycan run around the fence and get some of the geese food. Now we have to think of a new plan. We have kept the baby goats in their own pen so we could wean them. Thought we had them completely weaned but couldn't understand why milk production didn't go up alot. Seems the momma goats go stand really close to the fence so the babies can reach through and nurse. Even DiDi is letting them nurse and we sold her babies! William drove his pickup to check on his big truck and says it is making a funny noise. He will be working on that tomorrow. I am not writing this post to complain or whine. Just letting you know that sometimes the simple life isn't very simple at all. Sometimes you hit bumps in the road, detours, etc. You just have to stop, take a deep breath, give thanks for the good things in your day, give thanks for having the strength and know how to handle the bumps and detours in the daily road of life. I have always been taught and I believe God doesn't give you more than you can handle. That each bump and detour makes you stronger. Really the things we are dealing with here are minor compared to so many of our blog friends and neighbors. Some are facing medical problems, some have lost their jobs, some have lost a loved one, some have lost their home. No matter what each of us are facing we must keep our faith, stay strong and know those bumps and detours will work out and there are smooth roads ahead.


ChristyACB said...

I sure hope things get better very soon. Of course, once babies start hatching out it may just seem to make the load a little lighter too.

Can you get a picture of her on a huge pile of eggs? I've got this image in my head of her teetering on top of a growing pyramid of eggs!

southern queen bee said...

Wow you have had alot going on. I know around here when I have a problem, a hundred more come up. Thats why I smile really big when things are good. Have a great weekend...

Chickenista said...

I can relate, it's almost like the simplier you try to live the harder things can get... I just lost a goose. No idea how. Not sure if she was bit by a snake scorpion or what but kinda makes you wonder what more you could of done to keep em safer..

JoyceAnn said...

I need to get started on taxes too , dread it. I'd rather plant taters or listen to the guineas all day (LOL).

~ Blessings ~


Hang in there Peggy. I have been worried about Williams truck each day when I drive past the Loves station I think about it. What a huge job a tranny on an 18wheeler.

I am sorry, but I have to chuckle about killer. One of these days I will get some of her eggs to hatch out!! I want her blood line.

Cathy said...

Hello Peggy
You're right about not getting more than we can cope with - just not sure how HE works out the formula tho'. Sometimes it seems a bit uneven if you know what I mean

I can realate to doing the things you enjoy and then having to catch up with all the others. Somehow they don't have the same attraction as the first choice.
Well never mind, it doesn't do any harm to get into an unmade bed now and again lol
Take care

Pearl said...

You sure have a lot going on with your animals. I still think you should write a childrens book with all your characters...You tell about each and everyone of them so well that I can imagine each one in my mind.

Hope things get better for you very soon. There is also the saying "When it rains...It pours." I think you definitely deserve a break.

Take care.

Thistledew Farm said...

I have had good results by changing the way I pray. I no longer ask for things - I pray that I can cope with what comes or with what I have. It has given me a more realistic outlook and made me understand more that prayer isn't just asking for things when we're in trouble or being gratefull when things are good.

Wilmoth Farms Rachel & Her Farmer said...

Gee are we leading parallel lives this week or what!!!??? LOl I can really relate to ya today! I'm just hoping this coming week will be better and I get some gumption soon!
I got your comment about the would we get together to do that???
You can email me
I know I'd get some good goats from you, and as you already know about me..the camera is always strapped to my side! LOL

PEA said...

It's no wonder I love ya so much, sis, you have such a positive attitude, no matter what stands in your way:-) I've always said there is no such thing as "simple" because as you've just described, even the simple things can take a lot of work. Love you sis. xoxo

amelia said...

I can't imagine that you ever have a relaxing day or a dull moment in your life. Even if things aren't always going the way they should, or the way you'd want them, it can't ever be dull!!
Go ahead and complain, even though your not, because if I had your life I'd sure complain at times!!

Again, I don't know how you do it!!