Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Ramble

William's daughter and son have been visiting for the weekend. They brought their dog Dozier with them which made Whiskers very unhappy. He has decided to sleep in the hay barn till the dog goes home. It has rained for 3 days straight and more rain tomorrow. At least the gardens will be happy and some of the spring flowers are blooming.The goats don't like getting wet so stay in their stalls all day so they aren't happy either. Sheba is getting very old. She hates cold damp weather as its hard on her bones. She has a hard time getting up, down and around. Sheba has problems hearing and seeing. She is also getting testy. She and Kuma were great buddies but now she doesn't want Kuma to come out of her doghouse. She growls and barks till Kuma goes back inside. We decided to move Kuma to the dog pen right next to the regular dog pen. That way she isn't being stressed out by Sheba but is still near the dogs. We have decided we will be taking her to the Vet to be put down before fall. I don't think she can make it through another winter. Kuma meanwhile is enjoying the one on one attention. She doesn't have to wait in line for her treat or push to get petted. Kuma also got to come into the house for awhile yesterday. It was for a bath so she wasn't super happy till that was over then she enjoyed her treats and play time.

Thanks to all of you that have purchased calendars we only have 3 left! 100% of the money made from the calendars goes to feed and care for the animals. So not only do you get a Hidden Haven Homestead calendar you help take care of Hidden Haven's critters.

I was asked if the music on the blog was recorded here. No its from a music site. I was asked about what goats were getting new homes.We aren't getting rid of any of our milk goats. We have gotten DiDi, Sonya, Bridie, ViVi, Blanche, BossyToes and Blinkin built up strong and healthy. Blanche, BossyToes and Blinkin are at a farm down the road. The family is milking them. We are milking 5 goats twice a day at the moment. Blinkin is at our daughters in the mountains along with Frosty Dan to help build their herd up. Blinkin is due to kid on the 24th. Blinkin is hard to milk so we just let her nurse her babies then dry her off. We sold our bucklings as we don't want them to breed their sisters or mothers. We are keeping the doelings to raise up for milk goats. We sold some of the dwarf goats to homes where they will be pets and get lots of attention. I am picky about where our animals go and have no problem telling someone no if I don't feel right about the animal going with them. As for how long William will be home , his truck transmission is messed up so we are hoping he can get it repaired soon and get back on the road. The geese eggs should hatch around the 3rd of April. The bucks are kept in a pasture in the front of the property. The girls and boys can see each other but not get together. That way there aren't any surprised breedings. I think that was all the questions. If not ask again and I will answer in my next post.


Rosa said...

I just got one of your calendars. Thanks for the reminder! I'm going to put it in mom's kitchen. I think she'll enjoy it. Aw, it's so sad to see the animals age. You're so sweet to move Sheba by herself. She's so beautiful. xoxo

Terri said...

We have a boxer that's starting to have trouble getting around. I hate seeing them grow older - their lives are so short.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

we have a 16yr old dog that wants the rowdy young dogs to leave him the Hxxx alone. There have been a couple of skirmish's. I know what you mean about another winter, that's what we are thinking too although he has been the BEST dog so it's hard to think about it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Peggy, We are home from Arkansas.. Looks like you are getting the rains we had almost all week while we were there. I'm sure that Tom and Jerry will enjoy their new home... Looks like Oreo is a big hit!!!!! Glad to see that you are able to sell some of the bucklings.

Hope this week is as good for you... Spring is coming!!!!!

Kyfarmlife said...

Ahhh Sheba! I know its the cycle of life, but its sad. I know you'll do whats best for her though. Have you tried Duck eggs? I'm curious what they taste like.

Raggedy Girl said...

It is so hard when our puppies get old. I have one that is getting gray and can't make it onto the bed as easily as he used to and it makes me heart break.

Roberta Anne

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Thanks for the update. I have trouble following the coming and going of critters at your place. I would have trouble remembering their names.

I do not name all my animals. Years ago I had a pride of black cats. I called the "black cat" and the "other black cat". That covered them all when someone asked be their names.

amelia said...

That's so sad about Sheba. It's the worst thing losing a pet, I always say I can't do it anymore but we always keep doing it and we still have four more to go..

DayPhoto said...

I have an old dog. He hates to have Shannon's dogs come, gets so upset growls stress out, just gets horrible.

I had to ask Shannon to let her dogs out of the car. It works so much better.


Kathleen Marie said...

It is so nice with St. Pat's Day literally hours away that you have Irish kids... Wonderful. Sounds like you have been busy, as usual.

Have a great week!

Jess said...

It always seems like you have so much going on at Hidden Haven!

Hope all is well with you and that you have a great week
Love, Jess

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Love hearing about all your animals.
So sorry to hear about the transmission! We had to have a motor and tranmission put in our car this past yr. On Unemployeement you sure can't get a car loan!
We're having rain also!
Have a great wk.

Mary said...


Thanks for keeping us up on all the news at Hidden Haven. It sounds like you're really busy. The work never ends, but I'd give anything to live on a farm again.

I hope that William is able to get the transmission in his truck fixed.

Keeping your family (including the animals) in my prayers.