Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Rainy Day

We have had several days of showers off and on but this morning brought a nice steady soft rain. The beans and squash are blooming like crazy. All the plants are standing up nice and pretty. Diva and the girls decided it was a good day for napping. No way were they going to go out in the rain. Rowdy is curled up with CC. He actually didn't cry at all when I took Baby and Tiny Tina to their new home. Nor did he bark much when we moved Leo over with the boys before he got big enough to get the girls in trouble. The geese and ducks are loving the rain. All are walking around washing their feathers and flapping their wings. The chickens decided the nap thing was a good idea and are sitting on the roosts nodding off. With the rain brought a easy day for William and I. Too wet to do tilling and garden jobs. We did our morning chores and then did a walk around to check over all the animals. Charlie the ram was limping from a stone in his hoof but now is back to normal. Ricky the goose is still limping. He let me pick him up and hold him while William checked his leg out. He got a little over excited when mating with Lucy in their pool and got his leg caught. Kinda like a pulled muscle which will heal in time. We massaged and pampered him for a few minutes. We made a trip to the bread store to pick up a stack of bread for the animals. They sell out of date bread to feed animals for only $6 for a big stack. Each feeding the animals get their feed plus some crumbled up bread. The bread always gets eaten first. The rabbits love the wheat bread. The chickens love the seeded buns. The geese love bagels and the goats, well the goats love any and all breads. We have to be careful and not give them very much as it would mess up their rumen. William is fixing soup and grill cheese for lunch which is perfect for a rainy day. Yesterday we grilled out and had a awesome meal. William grilled deer steaks my brother had given us and I fixed a salad from veggies a friend had given as well as some of our own grown. Green beans and corn on the cob were from same friend as well as the plums I made a pie with. Our wonderful meal was almost zero cost! I like meals like that. Time to enjoy my lunch. Have a blessed day!


amelia said...

There are certainly blessings for rain days except that the work just piles up to be done when the sun shines!!
I love staying in by the fire when it rains.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I'm sure that God is sending the rain to you not only to help the veggies and flower grow---but to make sure that you and William have some time to relax a bit... You both need it and deserve it.

When I was younger and a work-aholic, the only time I ever missed work was when I was SICK and in the bed. I knew that God wanted me to slow down a bit--and he made sure that happened.

Have a great rain-day.

grammy said...

Fun catching up on you and the animals. It is rainy here to. More clouds and drizzle than actual rain. All the food talk made me hungry (o:

Pearl said...

Wanted to stop by and say hello. Love seeing all your animals.

Take good care.

Mandie said...

I really like the music/nature in the background, very soothing and lifelike. The goats have a really cool building to play in. Do they sleep there too? Did you all build it?

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

It's raining cats and dawgs here too ... all day ... all night ... [sigh] Ok, I do love the rain. It beats having a drought. We did manage to squeeze in a motorcycle ride this AM (yay!). Now it's pouring again. Our poor dirt road is almost underwater.
Aw well.
You can use the time to make more of that heavenly smelling soap and drink lots of tea. :o)

Faith said...

I just noticed the beautiful coloring on the kid in your header photo. Stunning!


Jeanette said...

Gday Peggy, Just popped in to say Gday and see whats happening at the homestead.. Its Raining so you can have a rest love all the photo's Poor Goosey Gander that will slow him down lol hope his leg heals soon.

ill be back Jen

Cathy said...

Hello Peggy
Lucky you to have the rain - we could do with some down here.
It was nice to see you again, you are certainly right about needing a break now and again. Will there be time when you and William get one - together?
You are lucky to have him helping out and cooking as well. What kind of soup did he cook the other day?
If anyone deserves a break then the two of you do:)
Take care

The Raggedy Girl said...

What a lovely description of a wonderful rainy day.

The Raggedy Girl

JoyceAnn said...

That almost cost-free meal sounds good. I was happy to see the rain , the garden needed it.

~ Blessings ~