Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This n That

What strange weather we have been having. We have went from 90F plus temps to 40F's. I have resisted the urge to build a fire in the stove but I think I might break down tonight and build a small one to knock off the chill. I love winter and cold weather but not after I have packed and put away my winter clothing. I scramble to find warm shirts and jackets before I go out to do morning chores. I actually wore a pair of wool gloves while helping William weed and hoe his garden yesterday. I try to remind myself in a few short weeks it will be so hot and humid I will be craving days like now. Seems hard to acclimate to the summer heat when we keep getting these cold spells.

William's garden is just now starting to come up good. He planted it right before we had a week of over 90 degree weather. His weeds are also coming up so we got all those taken care of and planted more rows of corn. William doesn't mulch his garden. I lay newspaper down and mulch heavy around my plants and inbetween the rows so I don't have to hoe. I have to pull the occasional weed but not often or many. We are getting lots of broccoli right now. Lettuce is almost gone. Radishes are gone but still tons of onions to eat. The beans and tomatoes are blooming. Cabbage is heading. Squash and cucumbers are getting buds on them. With his garden, my garden, the neighborhood kids garden here we should have lots to eat this summer and put away for winter.
Sammi seemed to enjoy her birthday. All day she played the part of a diva very well. On the other hand Diva was pouting because she didn't get cake. When I would go to pet her she would turn and walk away. Goats are so smart and such a pleasure to interact with.
Wild Thing is growing everyday. He plays and hops around with his "siblings" and is one of the first to run nurse when Momma rabbit goes in to feed them. Won't be long till they will be eating and drinking on their own.
We have so many of our hens wanting to sit on eggs. I pick them and the eggs under them up and move them to a nesting area away from hens just wanting to lay their egg and get about their business. Right now I have 4 hens sitting. I took one hen off her nest as she had hatched one chick 3 days ago and her other eggs hadn't hatched yet. I put those eggs under another hen so the hen could let her chick drink and eat. She only had 3 other eggs under her and they felt like they might hatch in a day or two. If they do I will give her the chicks. Always shuffling things around here.
Baby and Tiny Tina will be going to a new home soon. A very very nice lady by the name of Rosemary is taking them. She even purchased a little log house for them. William is going over today to build a fence before they go to their new home. I think they will love it as their pasture looks down over a beautiful creek and they have wonderful grass and things to nibble on. Rosemary is so excited to get them and I am very happy knowing they have a good home and are going to be very spoiled. We spend so much time with our milk goats we don't have alot of time with the dwarf goats. I think they will love the attention and love they will get from Rosemary.
With all the bananas I got from a friend I have been making banana bread like crazy. I decided over the weekend to make banana pudding. Instead of using a boxed pudding I made my own. Very simple and easy recipe if you ever want to make a tasty banana pudding.

Banana Pudding from scratch
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs separated
2 cups scalded milk
2 TBS sugar
sliced bananas
vanilla wafers
Mix sugar and flour. Gradually add egg yolks to scalded milk. Slowly add the dry ingredients stirring constantly. Cook on med heat stirring until it thickens. Add flavoring.
Place layers of wafers and bananas in a dish and pour the pudding over the layers.
Beat eggwhites until stiff. Add 2 TBS sugar and beat till stiff again. Spread over custard and bake 15 minutes in 325 degree oven. Cool then refridge until ready to serve.
I have been given a couple of awards. Thanks ladies! I will post about them very soon.
Hope you are having a blessed week!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your garden is doing well and you'll busy putting up things for the winter months.

I love Baby and Tiny Tina's log cabin! Wonderful that Rosemary is so excited about them becoming her babies!

Banana pudding always reminds me of daddy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Anonymous said...

How nice!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

did she purchase the log house from y'all? It's darling, sounds like the goats will have a good new home.

amelia said...

Life at Hidden Haven sounds so idyllic! I'm sure it's not always but you have a way of weaving stories to make the pictures very real!!

We have had our fire going almost every day it's been so cold. I'm just getting ready to light it again a few minutes from now. We are supposed to be warming up later this week and I think it will be very welcome!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, We've had cold weather here also---and I wrote some of the same things your wrote on my blog today...

Glad the dwarf goats are getting a good home. Love the little log cabin... Cute!!!! Thanks to Rebecca...

I had no idea that goats were 'that' smart. Funny that Diva turned away from you... Pout Pout!!!!! ha

Glad things seem to be going well.

Have a great day.

Faith said...

What a cute little house; and I can't wait to try the recipe.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

It is FREEZING here in SE Georgia! Our high's for 2 days has been around 51 degrees. I'm running the heat! Gosh.

I like the new 'house'. I may move in with them to keep warm. [giggle]

Thanks for the banana pudding recipe. I *love* banana pudding!! Yum. [drool]

Y'all stay warm. :o)

DayPhoto said...

You are so warm! We are moving closer and closer to summer here. We had one 90* day, yesterday. But thunderstorms today, which cools the air down. (Good)

Thanks for the recipe.


grammy said...

Those little goats are going to love their log cabin. How fun for them (o:

You are so busy with babies and gardens, then add to that home made banana pudding. Wow!

Becca's Dirt said...

Good the babies have a good home. That is a cute little log home for them. Becca

The Raggedy Girl said...

There were so many wonderful things to read today. I love the little house so much!

The Raggedy Girl


We got cold here too this weekend. cool garden and goat house!!!

Donna said...

That's some mighty big temperature swings. Thanks for the tip about the newspapers...this will help my potato bed.

Juli said...

It looks like Baby and Tina will be getting a wonderful home !

And lucky Slo ! to be around tons of banana pudding :) :) I love the stuff.

meggie said...

It seems so odd to think of your rich garden bounty, while ours is going into resting winter.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Mmmmm... the recipe sounds wonderful!
Baby and Tiny Tina's new place is sooo cute!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Peggy

You need to pop over to my blog there is a song there for you! :o)
Hope all is well, we have our date for Virginia - Aug 22/23 so as the date gets closer I will send a message so we can stop by the Haven. I so excited!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Wild Thing and Happy Birthday to Sammi! Even with the move to the country, I HAD to find time to stop in at Hidden Haven! Can't imagine how big that garden must have gotten since the time I saw it! Can't put ours in up here in the frigid tundra for another week. LOL Building raised beds this weekend though. =) Hi to Wild Bill, Diva, and company!