Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kuma

Yesterday was Kuma's birthday. She wasn't too happy with me in the photos as I made the mistake of putting her leash on her for a walk and then taking pictures. She wanted to go on her walk!
We went on a walk and then she got a bath and another walk in the sun to dry off. After that Kuma got a big can of dog food all to herself along with a rawhide pigs ear. I think she enjoyed the walk most of all and need to get back in the habit of walking her everyday. Debbi, Kuma sends her love and kisses.

Set out tomato plants and more eggplants and cucumbers yesterday. Also did some cleaning and rearranging. Have lots of boxes of stuff in the livingroom I need to price for the yardsale we are having with Gerda. Sold some baby chicks but still have lots running around. Have found a new home for Bud the Iguana and he will be going there Monday. I just don't seem to find the time to pet and talk to him as much as I use to and want him to get the attention he needs and deserves. Rusty and Troubles make sure they get their attention. They climb all over me in bed and poke and nudge until I pet or scratch their bellies. They follow me every step I make around the farm.

Megan is disappointed she won't be going home Monday. They had to change her medication and she needs to stay a few days longer to make sure its going to work. She ask us to continue praying for her. Here is the updated post Sheri wrote about her husband:

today- more of the same.

they back off of his sedation just a wee bit, then have to give blood pressure meds and nitroglycerin till he settles down. repeat.

he'll be quiet, then his legs/arms twitch and he breathes heavily and chews on his tube (they've got a stopper for that) and scrunches up his face in a frown. When he does that I stop reading, stand up, stroke his forehead and tell him he's OK, that they are just waking him up really slowly to be sure the graft is safe- always aware that he won't even remember going BACK into surgery and once he can think straight his first thought will be WHAT THE HELL???? and he'll fight like a Big Dog.

So I tell him to try to be calm, to try to concentrate on my hand in his, and the words of the book, which are all wonderfully descriptive and do an excellent job of pulling the reader/listener into the quiet, peaceful wilderness of the Dark Divide of southwestern Washington State.

Twice this afternoon, once when I first arrived and stroked his forehead and told him I was there, and once when I told him I had to leave to get Alec, his face frowned up and a single tear squeezed out of his closed eye.

Absolutely. Completely. Broke my entire heart.

Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.


Lib said...

Happy Birthday Kuma!
You are busy! Hope your sale is Great!
Hope you have a Blessed week.
Still praying here!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday to Kuma... Sounds like she had a great day!!!!! Glad you spoiled her, Peggy....

Thanks for the updates... I'm glad that Megan is staying in the hospital until they regulate her meds. That is a GOOD thing... I know you are worried.

I'll keep her and her family and your other friends in my prayers.


~Nancy~ said...

Dear Peggy,
Are you back living on the homestead? I worry SO much about you and don't know how you are managing this upheaval. Just know a distant stranger thinks of you, worries about you, cares about you. Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers to Sherrie and her husband. Also to Megan. Bless their hearts!

Happy Birthday to Kuma. She is such a cutie pie!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Kuma!


Humble wife said...

Not even published...for a few more minutes BUT Happy Birthday Kuma...oh and Peggy you won the Breakfast Pack combo!
Thanks for entering and congratulations from Double Nickel Farm!

send me an email penofjen(@) yahoo(dot)com with your address and info and I will let you know more then!

amelia said...

Happy Birthday Kuma!
She looks old, is she? Do you know when her owners will be back? I just feel so bad for her because they don't understand as we do and she probably thinks she's been abandoned.

Also continued good wishes to Sherrie and her family and to Megan and hers...

Kuma's Mom said...

Thank you Peggy!! I know Kuma had a great day with her Angel Mom!! I know she is soooo happy to have you back at HH. Give our girl lots of pets for us. We're half way there tomorrow when Jason comes back from the desert!! xoxoxox Debbi