Monday, May 17, 2010

Around The Homestead

If you read back in my archives you will see the story of Mandy the dwarf goat my daughter Maggie gave us. We found a new home for her last year with a young couple that had purchased one of DiDi's and Brown Robin's bucklings Pickles. Well, Mandy and Pickles had twin mini Nubians! The little doeling has found a home here at Hidden Haven. Because Nitro and Diva are the great grandparents of this cute little kid I had to name her Precious Memories and call her Precious. She has a lot to live up to if she wants to fill their hooves! Mandy and Precious twin brother are here at the homestead for a few days to help her get settled in. Mandy seemed to remember the place and knew right where to go when she got here and even remembers feeding times and calls out to let me know. I am looking forward to having a mini Nubian. She's not Diva but she has some of her in her and hopefully will be a wonderful milker.

We finally got rain! Though it brought a small tornado with it about 5 miles from the homestead along with hail, winds, and down trees the rain was a welcome sight. Its still raining and the gardens are growing right in front on my eyes. I just love nice warm rain.
Otis, the possum along with his brothers and sisters that were later found by the same couple finally got big enough to be released. We think the mom must have gotten killed and the babies trying to fend for themselves went into the couples chick pen to eat their food. Each morning they found another one. The last one was the runt and boy was he feisty! We took them to a nice woods with a pond for releasing. Most of them went running off into the woods but a couple climbed a tree and the runt wanted to stand there, hiss and fight with us. Hopefully they will do fine in their new area and stay away from farms and chicken pens.


amelia said...

Oh poor little possums!! I know it's best that they're released but it's such a tough life in the wild especially as they were getting regular food from you!!

How lovely for you having the little goats around again!!They are so very cute!

JoyceAnn said...

Ohhhh .... I'm so glad to hear you have a goat again , know you've missed having the goats around. She's very pretty and Precious is the perfect name.
Enjoyed seeing the possums released , they're cute when they're young.

~ Many Blessings ~

SciFiChick said...

Good-bye Otis and good luck in your new adventures!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Glad the possums are big enough now to make it by themselves. You all did a good job of helping them out for awhile.

Neat Nubians... Speaking of Diva, where is she now? Have you seen her?

OH MY---that tornado was too close for comfort. Glad it didn't come to you all. We've had a little rain the past 2-3 days--but nothing severe.


DayPhoto said...

The happiness and the joy that comes through your posts is wonderful, Peggy.

I am so glad you are home again.


PEA said...

Precious absolutely perfect name for Nitro and Diva's great granddaughter:-) I can well imagine all the stories you will be telling her about her great grandparents! hehe

Great news that you finally got some much needed rain! Everything is pretty dry around here too so we're in need of some as well. The few sprinkles we've had haven't helped at all. Right now we're having sunshine and temps in the high 70's so I'm not complaining!! lol

Oh dear, I guess possums are not good to have around when you have a farm!! Hopefully you won't have any problems with them.

Feels good to be back to posting and visiting again:-) Love ya sis. xoxox

Marian (Miz) said...

Ah, goats returning to Hidden Haven. All's right with the world.

You will never know how much joy your posts bring.