Hey Peggy thanks you so much for the kind offer to write on your blog.
I hope you like my first kick at the can...
Some people like Peggy have amazing husbands that are super hands on and creative and can do stuff around the house, I don’t happen to have a William. I guess that is what you get when you marry for looks alone. So now I have a husband that I have finally gotten after 15yrs to admit he is someone who is better at paying someone to do things. He only admits this because it costs less for a professional to do it then for us to have to pay someone to fix it and then a professional to do it.

I tell you this was no easy feat and before you get all happy for me I must tell you it is not always good that The hubster welds the pay power.

Let’s take for example the time I went away for the weekend and he sold the pool! Yes you read that right, he sold the pool and I had land fill for a back yard! We had an above ground pool and he sold it to the neighbour’s brother. I came home from a nice relaxing girls weekend to a big hole in my back yard and a husband that was handing me half the cash he got for his "it was a great deal."

Last night as I was getting in the car to come home I see the cell phone has a message and it is to call home. Since we have laws here in Ontario that say you cannot drive and talk on the phone I asked The girl to call home. She has the usually conversation with her dad and then I hear “okay I’ll tell her”. "Okay I’ll tell her" are never words you want to hear when your husband is home alone and has a bit of power!

Seems in the 3hrs that I was out The hubster decided to have the drive way paved! Yes paved!! Now you have to give him credit because it did need to be done but he didn’t discuss this with me to make sure the timing was right and that nothing more pressing needed to be done. So I guess he thought paving the drive way was pressing enough... get it... pressing, drive way, pavement... hahahahahaha :o) Neve-r-mind

Now I fear I have had to take this new found power away from The hubster and I really don't want to. I can not have him trying to do stuff around here and I will not live without a dishwasher or washing machine every again, don't ask...
Maybe a better idea is ~ The new house rule will be no making decision while on beer and the wife is away! Yea that's it! Husbands in this house must abide by the ~ No drinking and decision making rule.

An ode to “Uncle Red”

If they can’t find you handy, they should at least find you handsome!

Contributed by; SoccerMom