Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Get No Respect

We decided to hurry with feeding and watering this morning to get to the flea market before it got too hot. I made the bad choice of waiting to give the rabbits their frozen water bottles till I returned. I found some very p.o.'d rabbits!
My babies almost had a heatstroke lady!
Don't even think of taking this back before dark!
You are a mean lady!
How would you like to have this much hair in this heat?
I didn't think she was ever going to get here with this!
Talk to this end cause the face ain't gonna listen!
I just wanna cool down before I lose my cool on you.
Do you realize how hot we got just waiting on you????

I have a headache from all the heat. I couldn't even finish my breakfast!I don't even want to look at you right now, I am so mad.
Do you know how hot and irritable a pregnant bunny can get???

I think I have learned my lesson. The rabbits will get their frozen bottles before anything else.


~Tonia said...

We use 2 liter bottles and we have one who lays over the bottles its so cute.. But you have to feel sorry for the poor things out in the heat!
great captions!

Denise said...

Did any of them ask you if you found any treasures at the flea market? lol I know my "baby" Midnight, our Newfie, is in the basement sprawled on the floor staying cool, Hunter our German Shepherd prefers to be outside in the shade.

Linda said...

When my boys were in 4-H they had rabbits for projects. We always had the frozen water jugs at the fair. There were always interesting comments from the visitors asking how the rabbits could open their water bottles!

melissa said...

They have such wonderful faces, and the pregnant white one reminds me of the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. :)

amelia said...

You must have a HUGE freezer for all those bottles!!
Poor bunnies!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures and captions Peggy. Nothing like a bunch of PO'D rabbits!

Granny J said...

I love the captions. When we lived in Arizona we had an old pickup truck with no air conditioning. We'd take frozen water bottles along with us for our little ShihTzu. She'd wrap her paws around that bottle and almost smile.

Connie said...

Your the only lady I know that would be sure her rabbits had frozen bottles to cuddle with in the first place. This is new to me. My sisters were raised on a farm but my parents moved to the city when I was born and I didn't get to experience any of these things.
I am so happy for you Peggy that you are home where you belong. There are going to be many stars in your crown when you get to heaven for all the people and animals that you have helped over the years.
Sending hugs to you dear one - I'm sure with the work you do each day you could use one.
You always make me smile inside and outside whenever I read your blog.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a cute post, Peggy.... I had to read it to George... We both just laughed and laughed.... Me thinks you have some mighty SPOILED bunnies and babies!!!!!!! But--they are also very lucky to have a wonderful Mama like you...

Hope you have had a great Father's Day.

Denise said...

Thank you for the offer for my son, he only stops in the City of Brotherly Love on the way home.

PEA said...

Oh you mean lady you!!!! lol I was giggling while reading your words to each picture, they really did seem to be saying that! hehe Such a great idea to have those frozen bottles to keep them cool. Spoilt, I tell ya, spoilt! Love ya sis. xoxox