Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Will Be Back

I am just in the middle of trying to help William with some painting and porch building projects he took on for a neighbor and I am trying to can all the garden stuff that decided to come in at once after finally getting a good rain. I was also given a box of peaches that I am canning and making preserves at the moment. Wanted to stop in and say I am still here and I will be back with lots of photos and farm stories. I also won't leave you without a good laugh. My dear friend SoccerMom came through for me again. Hope her post makes you laugh as much as it did me. What on earth was this guy drinking?????

When we are little we hear the message "Do not drink and drive".  As we get closer to driving age we learn more about this message and why. 
Then when we get our drivers license,  we learn that we should not drink and drive in a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, a golf cart or any other type of vehicle with wheels.  
But now we need to start adding ~ You must not drink and drive a crock!   

No, no you did not read that wrong.   The new no drinking and driving rule will be ~ No Drinking and Driving Crocodiles!! 

I know you are thinking why on earth do we need to add this rule.  I am forced to share this new rule with you because of a drunk tourist who is lucky to be alive after he was bitten in the leg by an 18ft crocodile named Fatso while he was trying to ‘take it for a ride’.

Since Fatso, a saltwater crocodile, knows the "no drinking and crock riding" rule he was forced to remind the man by way of snapping at man. :o)   Seems the man who had climbed over a fence and entered Fatso's enclosure was lucky to have escaped with pretty minor injuries.  Oh and just in case you had not guessed by now,  the man was drunk! 

Just before this insane "mini-rodeo" took place it seems our hero here had been kicked out of a pub for drunken behavior.   
I can't even imagine how drunk he was when he decided this was a good idea to ride a crock. ~  I'm guessing pretty!


Kelly said...

Look forward to hearing from you and the pics. I would love to have a box of peaches. Juicy ones that drip down your arm when you bite into them. Stay cool.

Granny J said...

Peggy I hope you don't overdo it and make yourself sick. Overwork along with heat and humidity will take a toll on you.

Soccermom that is so crazy. Alcohol will make even the sanest of people act stupid won't it? lol

amelia said...

You work too hard Peggy!! I know that my old Nan used to say that hard work never killed anyone but I think you are trying too hard to find out if it will!!! :)

Lib said...

Hope you have a good wk. You will be missed.

Denise said...

Yes, behave yourself you have lots of little fur & feather kids that rely on you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Don't work too hard this week with William, Peggy... It's getting hot again... Just drink lots of water --and don't get too hot...

We got a whopping 1/2 inch of all of that rain that we were supposed to get... It all went around us again. Darn!!!!

BE CAREFUL, my Friend.

Barbara said...

Wow unreal, do folks really needed to be reminded of that, this man must be nuts, lol hugs my friend.