Thursday, August 19, 2010

It Rained!

Hearing the raindrops on the roof with thunder booms in the background was music to my ears. The animals, gardens, and yard were showing the toll of the many days of heat and humidity. Today everything looks so fresh and alive and the air just smells wonderful! Rain is called for again today and I will enjoy every drop.

Tinker, our livestock guard dog (puppy) is doing a good job with the goats. Doing her job so well we need to figure out a way to get her not to do such a good job. She is with Buttons and Precious every minute. If they go off to nibble grass or leaves she is right there watching over them. If the neighbor's dogs come up to the fence Tinker herds the goats and makes them go back to their stall. The dogs don't bark at the goats or even seem to notice them but Tinker is doing her job. The goats want to go take a nap in the sunshine, Tinker is standing over them keeping guard. A duck or goose makes the mistake of walking anywhere near them on its way to somewhere and Tinker chases the poor bird to where Tinker has decided the ducks and geese should stay and then she goes and makes Buttons and Precious get up from their nap and go back to their stall. We put a leash on Buttons each morning and lead her out of the pen and to the milk stanchion. Tinker has a fit. She rounds up Precious and makes her stand at the gate with her to watch Buttons being milked and being brought back to the pen. As soon as we take the leash off Buttons Tinker herds Buttons and Precious into their stall. If someone comes to visit Tinker herds the goats into the.... stall. The poor goats think they are being punished and sent to their rooms! I can only imagine what Tinker will be like when she is out of the puppy stage.

I have canned pickled peppers, made jams and jellies, canned the last of the green beans, cut off  and froze creamed corn. I have been dehydrating herbs, peppers, and even some fruits. Now all I need is the cold winter winds and snow so I can enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Megan is doing wonderfully. She and the children have moved into a really nice apartment close to her job and their school. They also have several friends there in the complex so are happy. She has lost 35lbs and still working on more. She walks the track every day at lunchtime and while Q has football practice. G will be having a big slumber party this weekend for her birthday bash.

Melody still has a overflowing plate. She is still working fulltime, going to school, teaching a class and is now taking a class to help abused women and men that go to the emergency room. With all that she still does a great job being there for hubby, 5 kids, and 2 foster babies. I would be in a padded room somewhere.

Maggie is very happy. She left the stress of her job and is now enjoying going to work each day in a new office with a fantastic boss. Her girls are happy they didn't have to change schools and her hubby is happy to have the smile back on his wife's face and the stress gone from her days.

William's grandson W is spending the week with us. He has been a big help with our lawncare service and with the animals here on the homestead. The neighborhood kids have enjoyed coming over to play. The tire swing hasn't had very much rest the past few days.

I had a stomach virus over the weekend that wiped me out. Felt very much like a stomach flu but only lasted 48 hours. Strange thing is William didn't get it but Kuma and Rusty did. Kuma got sick on Monday and lets just say I spent Tuesday cleaning the floor and rugs in the livingroom because she couldn't make it to the door. Rusty thank goodness was small enough to pick up and run outside with so no accidents there. Kuma felt so bad she couldn't make it outside. She hung her head and looked so sad. We didn't scold her but she wasn't happy with herself. Thank goodness their bug only lasted 24 hours but they slept the next 24. We are all back to "normal" whatever that is and William hasn't gotten sick yet.

Have a couple of book reviews to do. I actually found time to do some reading in the evenings. I love to read but haven't been having time to really enjoy taking my time over each page. The past couple of weeks I have been taking my shower and heading to bed extra early so I can relax with a good book and a cup of herbal tea. Some peaceful me time before taking the dogs out and calling it a night.

Its been a crazy few days around Hidden Haven but its been a blessed crazy time and I look forward to each day.


Denise said...

Glad for the rain you got, the ground here is very dry, but we are not as hot and humid as you have been. I think if we get a two or three day stint of rain I will not complain! Great that you have many goodies canned for the winter, ugh, not sure I'm ready for that yet.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wonderful post, Peggy.. Thanks for all of the great updates... Sounds like your girls are all doing GREAT. Praise the Lord.... I think Melody is like her MOM... You are the busiest lady I know.. You can do more in one day than I can do in a week... ha

Glad you got some rain. We have had two days of rain and today it's cleared up... Luckily, we only had about 2 inches total --so we didn't flood like some other areas in TN. I have been a happy camper since we finally got the RAIN... SO--I know how happy you are also.

Funny story about Tinker... You seldom have anyone do their job TOO well... ha

Glad your stomach bug has disappeared... Hope William doesn't get it...


Granny J said...

Oh Peggy, I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt. Bless his little heart, he learned his job way too well. lol I'm glad to hear that the girls are all doing well. Hope the nasty bug is gone now. It's still in the 90s here every day. I can't wait til winter.

Mike said...

Glad to see you're back at the Blogging wheel. Yes, there is more rain coming. I'll try not to hog it again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, So glad you, Kuma & Rusty are feeling better and I hope William stays healthy. The canning and drying you have done will be such a blessing this Winter. We had rain today also and like you, I enjoyed hearing it and the thunder very much! Glad to hear updates on the girls and their families - may God continue to bless each of you. Your "me" time with a good book and tea sounds very cozy - I know how you love to read. Ya'll have a great weekend.

Barbara said...

oh me Peggy, did you pick up a bug some where, my stomach is not feeling good either, it has rained every after noon here for a month, and still in the 90's hugs and glad you are back, Barbara

JoyceAnn said...

We're getting rain too and I'm so thankful. It's been so hot & dry , that my garden hasn't did very well this year. I am getting lots of roma tomatoes though , made spaghetti sauce today.
Glad to hear Tinker is doing her job , even if it is to well. Maybe she'll slack off as she gets older (LOL).
Glad to hear the update on your girls and that everyone's doing great.

~ Many Blessings ~

Carol............. said...

We've had some hot weather here (for Western Washington State), too, and would really welcome a nice rain shower...usually we dont' say that around here!

Sounds as though you've been busy getting ready for winter...

It would be fun to watch Tinker with"her" goats..LOL

amelia said...

Once again, you make me tired!!

I'm glad you have rain, we do too. It's really come down here the last couple of days!! We are really enjoying it too.

Our Teddy is like Kuma, he thinks he's going to be punished if he throws up indoors and as much as we try to reassure him, it doesn't really work. Too bad, poor dogs.

That's funny about Tinker, poor goats!! I've never heard of a dog doing it's job as well as this!! Maybe he can win a prize!! :)