Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Life Goes On

Thank you so much for your love, concern and comments about Lady and Tramp. Tramp had a rough day yesterday and a bad night last night but he is finally calming down. He was abused and set out when my daughter in law found him in the middle of a highway years ago. He was so scared of people but for some reason came to me and let me pet him so of course he came home with me. Lady took over watching out for and caring for him. He was never away from her side in all the years they were together. I sat with him for awhile yesterday evening after spending most of the day with him. When I took him out of the pen for a bath Daniel a Buff rooster of ours went into the pen. Daniel had spent a couple of days sitting right outside the pen before Lady died. Daniel has taken it upon himself to be Tramp's new best friend. He walks around the dog pen with Tramp and sits beside him when Tramp is napping. Tramp doesn't seem to mind having a rooster for a friend so I am letting Daniel stay. When I put Tramp in with Polly she wanted to play and jump around but Tramp didn't. Polly is alot younger and still enjoys running and playing where Tramp is older and enjoys walks and naps. I think Tramp is still sad but will be alright staying in his pen. I did go look after getting a comment from a friend to see if he was sleeping in Lady's doghouse but he wasn't. He does lay in front of it to take his naps. I don't think getting another dog for him would work. He is old and set in his ways and Daniel the rooster seems to have the right speed and friendship at the moment.

The heat and humidity is back after a couple days of cooler weather. I am so looking forward to winter. The gardens are just about harvested out but now its time to plant the fall gardens. I have canned this year more than I have any other year so winter meals will be plentiful and good. I have been doing some decorating with curbside finds.GrannyJ and some of her blog friends have given me lots of ideas. Will post photos tomorrow. I also have been cooking new recipes thanks to Mildred and Barbara . Will post about them tomorrow also. Some days may be sad. Some days may be stressful. But overall the days here at Hidden Haven are very blessed and I am happy to have each and every day.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Tramp is some better and that Daniel the rooster has become a supportive friend for him. That is so sweet.
Like you, I am anxious for cool days and winter. The heat has been so bad this summer. At least we did not have a veg. garden. I know you have worked so hard but won't all those veggies be good on a cold winter's night?
God bless you all at Hidden Haven.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You can be sad, Peggy.. That is normal... But--as you said, life does go on, and you have LOTS of other cuties to care for... Lady will be missed --but Tramp seems to have found another friend.. That's super!!!!

Hope you (we all) get through this heat with no more problems. It's pretty darn miserable for all of us...

God Bless.

amelia said...

Peggy, if anyone can bring him round, you can. Animals know where they are loved and between you and Daniel, he should be OK. Sad days indeed but they come to all of us at times. Some sadder than others but hopefully nothing you won't be able to cope with in the end.

You have lots of friends for moral support if you need them. We are all here..

Rita said...

Tramp has found a new friend. Seems over time Tramp will improve. You're right another dog probably wouldn't help. Tramp will grieve for a while and love the extra attention he gets from you. Thanks for sharing your difficult time with us. Like you said life goes on now.

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing about Tramp and his new rooster friend, that put a smile on my face :0)

I've never met you but I can tell you are a very special person, your family, human and animal, are very blessed to have you.

Take care,


Granny J said...

Peggy I certainly hope you're able to write your book someday. No one else I know would have a rooster with the insight to befriend Tramp when he needs a friend so badly. Your animals have been shown love so that they're able to give that same love to others when it's needed.

I thought we would have some relief from our heat but it's 9:30 at night and still 90ยบ. I hate to think of the heat bills this winter but I'm so ready for relief from this weather.

Stay cool. Give Tramp a hug from Trixie.

Cathy M said...

Daniel must be quite a rooster. He had the sense that Tramp needed a quiet companion and he stepped in.

madcobug said...

So sorry that you lost lady. Hoping that Tramp will soon feel better. Several years ago one of our two dogs had to be put down and the other one really grieved. Took him a while to get over it. Then later came the time to put him down and that really hurt. Helen

DayPhoto said...

I know it will take time. Fuzzy actually put on weight this winter after Checkers died. He just didn't want to do anything. And yes Checker's dog house helped but it took him some time to finally go inside and sleep in it. Checkers died in January by June Fuzzy was fat, depressed and wore out. I took him to the groomer (he and Checkers always went together) had his shaved and that night he slept in Checkers dog house. Gradually over the days and the months he got better and better, but he aged alot. I left Checker's dog house for he still likes to go in there and just sit and stare out into the world. But he is sleeping in his again.

I will not get him another dog...he first lost Security (another dog) but Checkers was still with him so it didn't hurt as bad as Checky's dieing did.

He is 12 years old, (and so was Checkers) if I got another dog now he would feel like he is being replaced. He is still really fragile but ever so much better.

Thanks to a rooster the pen is not so lonely.


ms martyr said...

Seems that I've heard some race horses have chickens as companions so maybe this isn't totally unusual. Good for Daniel in comforting Tramp. Sorry for your loss.

Gail said...

Peggy. Thank you for your encouragement on my Ramblings. I am so sorry for your lose, seems we are in the same place. We lost our Lady on the 18th of July, she was 10.5 years. Rocky is doing ok, he is 3 but is lonely and we will get another dog, he can't stand being away from us. We still expect her to greet us, it is hard. It is so sweet that Daniel has befriended Tramp, God's creators are so wonderful.

Proper Prim said...

My heart broke for you when I read that your sweet Lady died... I don't always get a chance to comment (I am sneaking a peek from work) but know that you were in my thoughts all day. I am so happy to read this morning that your dear Tramp has found a new friend. It is amazing the depth that animals feel too. We just don't get them enough credit. It will be hard for awhile but time will heal. Bless you for being so kind and it is comforting to know that Lady found a good home and died loved and happy.

Big Hugs, Deb