Thursday, September 09, 2010

Almost Time

Only one more day to get through before heading to the mountains! Our neighbor is feeding the animals for us and another neighbors DIL is milking Buttons.All the neighbors are going to take turns checking on the house and animals while we are gone. Tramp, Tinker and Kuma will be guarding the place with neighbor Chuck looking over whenever they bark. Every instruction has been written down on paper, put in water proof  baggies, taped to the feeding table. I didn't stop there, oh no. I wrote how to feed each animal on a index card and attached it to their cage, pen, stall, etc. This isn't needed as the neighbor has been helping feed with us so he knows how when we leave and the DIL has milked goats and cows all her life and works for a Vet. I am just wanting to make sure each animal gets their special attention and treats. I know there will be phone calls made but I will try not to be too big of a pest. I have been boxing up things to take to the girls and their families. I am giving my santa collection to Megan and her daughter. Maggie and her daughters are getting my nutcracker collection and Melody is getting the birdhouse collection. These are things I don't decorate with any longer but they can add them to their own collection. Also dish sets, household items, things that I decluttered and packed away. Didn't want to sell them because of memories so will pass them on for more memory making. They will enjoy the things and I have gotten more things out of the way. Looking forward to a family cookout at Megan's. Q's 13th birthday is Saturday, as well as 3 other grands in the next few weeks so we are celebrating them all together before going to the football game. I have packed my red sweatshirt ( team colors are red and white) as the nights are cool in the mountains. I have my goat bell packed to ring at the game and my sign cheering the Franklin Panthers is ready. Have my camera batteries all charged and ready to take lots of pictures. Cooler sitting ready to pack, suitcase packed, dogs had their baths though Rusty is the only one going with us. Kuma will stay home this trip since we will be on the go alot and she hasn't been there before. Rusty will love it as he is going back where he came from. Everything that can be done is done. Things that can't be done till tomorrow are on my list just itching to be marked off. Tomorrow night will bring little sleep as I plan on getting up way before daylight and going to my beautiful mountains and family. If laptop is ready tomorrow I will be taking it along and check in but if not I will be back Sunday night with lots of pics and stories. Have a blessed weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you safe travel and lots of fun. Can't wait to see the photos you take. ENJOY!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Have a wonderful trip, Peggy. SO glad you get to go 'home' for a couple of days. You'll get to see a game also, won't you???? How neat!!!!!

Are you all sleeping in your little cabin there???? That would be neat!!!!

Have FUN... I know you will.

Granny J said...

Have a safe trip. Visiting family is always a treat and getting to see Q play will be extra special for you.

Anonymous said...

Have a good and safe trip!


Kent Island Red said...

Peggy you sound just like me before I go away. Kind of like Santa Claus "I make my list and check it twice." Have a SUPER/WONDERFUL/FANTASTIC time :-) I know the excitement you're feeling as the mountains are in my blood; I may not be there, but they're always on my mind. Can't wait to see pictures and hear stories when you get back. Have a safe trip, too!

Kuma's Mom said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip Peggy!!! I'm sure Tramp, Tinker and Kuma will keep everyone in line. The animals will have stories of their own to tell you when you get back.

amelia said...

Have a wonderful trip Peggy. It will be nice for you to get away although I'm sure you'll miss all the animals too.

Looking forward to your return and pictures!!!

JoyceAnn said...

Have fun and be safe , bring back some wonderful memories to share.

~ Many Blessings ~

Lib said...

HAve a wonderful trip!
I guess all us Mtns. girls Loves out mtns.!:o)
Be safe and enjoy!

PEA said...

Sis, I know how very much you love your mountain so I hope your weekend there has been everything you wanted it to be:-) I very much look forward to seeing pictures and hearing all about it. Love you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip Peggy. I am so glad was able to find your blog again.