Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Little Bit of Earl and A Lot of Rambling

Today has been nice and windy. Earl is giving us wind but no rain. Can't complain as its nice and cool. Tomorrow is suppose to 100F before turning back to more fall like weather. I took a photo of the outdoor eating area with the lights on but forgot William was working on a friends 4 wheeler and had his toolbox and tools sitting everywhere. The dehydrator has pineapple sage in it today. I am loving drying all my own herbs. I cook with them alot so this will save me lots of money and they will be fresher.My friend Amelia that sent me the box of beautiful linens sent me another package! This one contained her mom's Red Cross apron and hat. I remember when I was a little girl mother and her friend Lucy being Red Cross workers at the hospital. I was so proud to see her in her uniform. Mother didn't drive so her friend Lucy would drive from her home in Rosman, NC to Brevard, NC to pick up mother. They would work for a few hours then Lucy would bring mother home. There is a photo somewhere of mother in her Red Cross uniform. I want to find it and make a shadow box using Amelia's mom's apron and hat with mother's photo in her uniform. Thank you Amelia for sharing something so special with me. I will cherish them. We have 13 baby chicks. Some are Rhode Island Reds and the rest are Black Giants. Tractor Supply gave them to us. They sell chicks for a certain amount of time and any that are left at the end of their sale get to come to Hidden Haven. They even send customers our way if they are looking for a chick or bunny. Love our Tractor Supply! Made more grape jelly today so that finishes up our grapes for the year. Our beans are all gone as well as tomatoes only have a few left to pick. The fall garden is doing really well though we have to water it for now. With all the storms out in the Atlantic I think some rain will eventually find its way here. Have a couple more free things from Craigs list and curb finds to post about. Really hitting the jackpot lately and making some nice things from them. Will try to get pics of those up tomorrow. Right now Dotty our pot belly pig is in labor so I am off to play midwife. Dotty started out being someone else's pig that we were taking care of but somewhere along the way a deal was made by William and his friend to make Dotty part of Hidden Haven family. Have a blessed night!


Denise said...

What a wonderful friend to send you her mother's Red Cross hat & apron I hope you will share a photo of the shadow box when you complete it. Sounds like an exciting day on the Homestead with all the new arrivals!

Have a great evening.


Anonymous said...

That will be a real treasure to make a shadow box with the Red Cross apron/hat along with your mom's photo. What a nice and thoughtful gift from Amelia.
I love all of the photos you shared tonight. I hope you and William have a nice weekend and maybe some rain will make its way to Hidden Haven soon. Take care Peggy.

Granny J said...

The outdoor area looks great. I love the way it looks with the lights. I hope you will post a picture of the shadow box when it's finished.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That Amelia is a neat, neat lady and a good friend... I hope you show us the shadow box with your Mom's picture when you get it finished.

Congrats on your new chicks... They are so cute.

Hope we all get some cooler weather soon...

Carol............. said...

What a cozy and welcoming spot to relax under!