Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It is finally starting to rain just a little. The most important thing is the temps are dropping. It has been in the 80's for a while and not feeling like fall at all. Thanks to my produce friend I have been busy canning 12  more quarts of green beans, 6 quarts of collard greens, 6 more pints of plum jelly, and had all 3 dehydrators running drying apple slices. I am going to make and can applesauce today. Whatever old man winter brings our way( if he shows up at all) at least we will have plenty to eat.

The goat dog Tinker is getting into trouble lately. She is trying to be the guard dog she was born to be but the puppy keeps popping out. She will make sure the goats are eating, safe and all together, lay down and watch them for about 3 minutes. Up she jumps, running and chasing them across the pen till they hide behind something or get up on something she can't reach.
We hook her to a chain when she does this and she knows she was wrong. She lays down all sad. The goats start running and playing king of the mountain. Chasing each other having a wonderful time. Tinker just lays there. After their game is over and they are resting we unhook Tinker. She goes and checks each goat out to make sure they are okay then goes and lays down. For about 3 minutes and then she starts chasing them wanting them to play. They run hide or get back on something. We go back to the chain. We have tried every approach on correcting her but she just can't seem to understand the goats don't want to play chase with her. We finally got her trained with the chickens and ducks. She doesn't try to herd them or bother them anymore. She does try to get in Dotty's pen and herd the piglets but Dottie puts a stop to that.
So Tinker lays at the door to the pen and just watches the piglets hoping they will come out so she can play with them. I know its the puppy in her and its slowly going away but its so frustrating. I want the goats to be able to play and do what they want without Tinker controlling every move. Tinker and I both need a dose of patience.
I have been going through sewing projects and planning items I want to make for Christmas. I also want to do some crochet and knitting projects. I love sitting by the fire working on projects so am hoping it will be cool enough soon and I can get started. I have a book review I need to do. Read the book and it was really good. Just need to find time to write about it. Have several books and magazines by my chair waiting on me. Seems like time just gets away from me and I haven't gotten anything done. Hope you are having a wonderful week and have a very blessed evening!


amelia said...

With the life you lead it's hardly surprising that time gets away on you!! I don't do one quarter of what you do and I still don't have time to do as I would like. Of course, the computer doesn't help either. Poor Tinker, trying to be a puppy!! It must be so aggravating to you but like everything will pass. We stopped having puppies and now only have adults with nowhere to go, life is so much easier. Puppies are adorable and hard to resist but I've had to harden my heart to them, they are so much work!! Adult dogs are great!

Lib said...

I Love your Post!:o)
I too have been canning and freezing all summer, if we get snow theres no getting out of here. Plus its always been a way of life for me.:o)
Love hearing about your happenings! Always leave her witha smile on my face:o)Thanks!
Have a great wk.

Corky Wolf said...

With all the canning and stuff you are doing you needn't feel bad.
You ae doing way more than I am.
I haven't canned anything this year but on the other hand, We have too much left from before that is getting old and needs used first.
You might try a water spritser in the face of the pup when he does wrong.
It works for lots of folks.
I have not tried it myself but am thinking on doing that to Lele for barking.

Granny J said...

Tinker will no doubt grow up to be a great guard dog. Sure hope you don't run out of patience befoere then. With everything else you have to do on the property to take care of the house and animals I'm sure that must be really frustrating for you. I never have enough time to do everything I want to do and only have one very old dog to take care of. Can't imaagine doing all that you do every day.

Verde Farm said...

How sweet. Nobody to play with...poor thing. My dog, Shep, has the same problem :)
Your goats are precious and the piggies too. What kind of piggies do you raise? Really glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Poor Tinker, and poor you. I know you have your hands full. Maybe soon it will all work out smoothly. It's wonderful that you have so much good food put away for whatever the winter ahead brings. These cooler temps feel so much better and it's great on the pockets not to have to use heat or air. Hope your grandson gets to feeling better soon. I know all of you are looking forward to Christmas and being together. Love to you and William - ya'll take care.