Monday, October 04, 2010

Just Another Crazy Day

A busy but wonderfully cool weekend. Since it was so cool I worked in the kitchen a lot. Made fresh pear bread, pumpkin bread, and made some yummy ketchup. I only made a quart just to see how it turned out and it was so easy and so tasty I am going to make more and can it.

Smokey the Rex rabbit had 2 adorable babies. One is the cutest one we have had on the homestead. Joyce you should get this one for the grands when its old enough. Thought Porky the New Zeland rabbit was bred and due the same day as Smokey but guess she didn't let Rocky do his deed. Sandra is due the 10th. Have rabbits, quail, and roosters ready to butcher and put in the freezer. This is our first year on meat rabbits and quail so will see how it goes.

Today was crazy day on the homestead. Went out to do evening feed and as I was trying to feed the goats I almost got knocked down. Out of the corner of my eye I thought it was a horse. As I turned and looked it was Rhett the pig. He now weighs over 500lbs. The electric fence was turned off for minor repair and no one remembered to plug it back in. Rhett and Scarlett had gotten out of their pen and had a high ole time. Pork Chop was nice and stayed where he belonged. Dotty did too but the 5 babies got out. They rooted everywhere! Tore up the duck nest. Ate Tinkers food, knocked down a fence to the duck and geese pen. Trashed Tinkers water bucket. Really hurt her feelings by finding where she had buried her dog treats and ate them. Ate the goats food and trashed their sleeping stall. The whole goat pen looked like a tornado hit. William fixed the fence where they got out and led them back in with food. I closed the gate, plugged the fence in and tried to calm the goats and Tinker down so they could eat in peace. Then went to feed the chickens and found baby chicks out of their pen and mom hen going crazy. Caught and put them back where they belong. Caught the rooster that had gotten in there and put him back where he belongs only to have him fly back in. Clipped his wings and took him back to his pen. The pigs had upset the chickens so much that almost every pen had turned their water containers over and thats a hard thing to do. Cleaned and refilled them. Caught 2 bunnies that had gotten out and put them in a new cage. It was just a crazy animal day around here. After feeding I walked around to make sure all the animals were okay and found Rhett and Scarlett sleeping soundly. They must have had a very exhausting afternoon. Wonder how hard it would be getting them to clean up their mess?

Sister's chicks are doing wonderful. They are growing so fast! Have had all kinds of suggestions for names but haven't named them yet. Waiting until I can tell the sex of each. Tonight is going to be the first night for a fire in the woodstove. Since I worked in the kitchen all weekend it wasn't cool enough in the house to build a fire. Tonight is the night. Have my tea, book, and rocking chair all ready and waiting for me. Lets just hope the critters around here stay outta trouble tonight so I can enjoy it! 


tina said...

It's days like this I ask myself, "what was I thinking!" when I thought of having a barn full of critters? Never a dull moment!

small farm girl said...

Wow! Those pigs must have had a time! Good thing they are gentle enough to be lead back in the pen. Have you ever tried to herd pigs? lol

Denise said...

Sounds like a busy day on the homestead, hope you enjoy your tea near the fire. I made pumpkin bread on Friday and it was yummy, love baking things with cinnamon and cloves it makes the house smell wonderful. Have a peaceful, restful night :0)

amelia said...

I hope you get your fire and your book tonight, I think you've earned it.

I bet the pigs just loved being free and causing havoc!! Poor you having to clean it all up!

Rosa said...

Oh dear! You better get that fence fixed quick! xo

Kent Island Red said...

Oh my gosh(!), that made me dizzy just reading about it, I can imagine how you must feel! Hope tomorrow is a little bit calmer for you. Enjoy the fire, your tea and book tonight. I'm about to do the same thing myself.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---those pigs had a good time ---and upset everything else. What a mess... Glad you all got everything and everyone all fixed back!!!! What a day!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby rabbits.


JoyceAnn said...

Whew ! That was a crazy day , I'm still chuckling about Tinker's feelings being hurt because the pigs found his treat stash (LOL).
I do want that bunny , I trust your judgement , can't wait to see the cutie.
Hope you got to enjoy your evening by the fire , sounds wonderful.

~ Peaceful Autumn Blessings ~

Granny J said...

No matter what kind of a day I have your posts about your critters always leave me grinning. Are Rhett and Scarlet intended to live their life out at HH or are they intended to be turned into bacon and roasts? I'm sure you've mentioned it in earlier posts but I've forgotten.

That wood fire sounds good. It was 39ยบ here this morning.

Anonymous said...

Have a good rest of your week Peggy!