Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Additions

Day before yesterday I was looking at Craigs List when I found a lady wanting to find a good home for her goats and bunnies. I emailed her and yesterday she called, we went to visit her farm planning on bringing 3 bunnies home and ended up with 3 bunnies and 4 goats. Because of personal problems she wasn't able to keep them and really wanted to find a good home so they could all stay together. They are the cutest dwarf goats and are so sweet.
This is Jolly. He is a weather (a buck that has been fixed) and was raised on a bottle and spent a lot of time in the house. He loves having his head scratched and eating treats from my fingers.
Little Man is in front of Blackie (a doeling) and Haley (another doeling) None of them are related and all are almost 7 months old. We hope to breed Precious with Little Man in a couple months. The first night was hard on Tinker as she wanted to herd the little goats and they didn't want anything to do with her.

But now the little goats are all settled in and feel at home. Precious and Buttons don't have a problem with them except at meal time and they try to steal their feed. The little ones stand their ground though and back Buttons off.
Tinker still doesn't understand why the little ones won't let her herd them so goes and hangs out with Buttons. Precious spends most of her time up on the spools looking down on everything.

The bunnies are a couple months old. One is a dutch dwarf and the other 2 are part lionheads. They are sweet and lovable. They love eating slices of apple right out of my hand.
We are very happy with the new additions to our 4 legged family and I think they are happy here. Thank you so much to the sweet lady for picking us to be the new home for her animals. She really loved and cared for them. They are very, healthy, beautiful, and gentle. I know it broke your heart to have to part with them but please know they are loved and will be here anytime you want to visit. I am sure there are lots of adventures waiting to be written from the goat pen! Have a very blessed night.


Verde Farm said...

How wonderful! I would say you came home with lots of love :) The new goats are adorable and the big ones are too. I love those rabbits. We would like a miniature breed and haven't figured out which ones to get. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Such precious photos of your new pets Peggy. I can assure the lady that you will give them so much love and care. I hope she will come and visit them occasionally. Looks like one happy family - you all have a great weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats on your new babies, Peggy... They will have a great home with you... That lady is sad I'm sure to have to get rid of them---but they WILL be loved at your home...


Granny J said...

I always sat that if I were an animal I'd want to live at your house. Those bunnies and goats couldn't have found a better home. If you kept the lady's email address, maybe you can send her an occasional picture of the goats and bunnies if she isn't able to visit them. That was really nice of you to give them a good home.

amelia said...

Beautiful pictures and the goats are so cute! I know it's a lot of hard work but you are such a lucky lady for having all these wonderful creatures too!! Tinker is so lovely and obviously very good at her job! LOL!!

Lib said...

The furry kids could never find a
better home than with ya'll.
Look forward to seeing /hearing stories:o)
Have a Great wk.end!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the bunnies and goats, they're too cute!


JoyceAnn said...

They're all cuties , so glad you found them or maybe they found you (LOL). They're blessed , to live at Hidden Haven. The bunnies are beautiful too.

~ Autumn Blessings ~

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You are such a softy ready to take in strays. Humm! I may give you a call some day when I need to be cared for. ;)

DayPhoto said...

You are always such a good mom! I'm sure those new additions will think so also.


Kent Island Red said...

They all look like sweethearts to me! I think Craig's List is one of the greatest inventions ever - sure wish it was mine!