Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Off To Their Georgia Plantation

Today Rhett and Scarlet left Hidden Haven. We had been caring for them for a friend in the military that is now ready for them at their new home. Rhett and Scarlet came here as piglets and are leaving with Rhett over 600lbs and Scarlet almost 500. They are going to beautiful southern GA where they will pass the days away under the sweet magnolia trees and skinny dipping in the pond. I hope Ms. Scarlet finds someone that knows something about birthing babies come January. I know I really enjoyed her letting me help deliver her last litter. They are very loving, gentle creatures that will be missed around here. I will miss feeding them a Little Debbie snack cake from my hand each afternoon and I know they will miss William's head scratches and back rubs. It was a sad day for us saying goodbye but frankly I don't think Rhett gave a d***. One last look goodbye from Scarlet and then they were gone with the wind.


Kent Island Red said...

Hi Peggy,
What a sweetheart you were to take care of Rhett & Scarlett while your friend was away. I hope they enjoy their new life in Georgia. I'm sure they'll miss you.

Granny J said...

I'm sure your friend realizes how fortunate they were that you would give Scarlett and Rhett a good foster home until they could go to their real home. Is this the same friend that Kuma belongs to?

Verde Farm said...

They are gorgeous. What type of pig are they? This really puts into perspective why my piggies are miniature--even though they are looking quite large to me :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ~ they have grown so big. I know they will miss you and William too but I know they will be well cared for in GA. I'd like to volunteer to help you out with the Little Debbie Snacks!!!!! ha ha

PEA said...

Well they certainly are going to your friend's place well fed and happy:-) When we were at the pumpkin farm last weekend in Niagara Falls, there were these 2 pigs in a stall and they were lying on their sides being rubbed and scratched my the children and they were just loving it!! I swear they thought they were dogs. lol

I need to catch up with all of your other posts now! Love you sis. xoxo

amelia said...

They are very lucky people having you to take care of these beauties while they were away and Rhett and Scarlett are very lucky piggies having such a good home!!

Peggy, you're a saint!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I'm still trying to catch up --after being gone a week... It's never easy!!!! ha

I'll bet it was hard for you to see Rhett and Scarlet leave Hidden Haven... Glad their 'owner' is back---but I'm sure they will miss you all and all of the 'spoiling' you provided...

Your Autumn decorations are gorgeous.... Hope you don't get any of this severe weather. We have had tons of wind and some rain --but luckily, nothing severe.

Hope your grandson Q is feeling better.


Anonymous said...

My brother and sis-in-law live in GA now.


Lib said...

How sweet of ya'll to care for these animals! Im sure they will miss ya'll!
Have a great wk.

City Sister said...

I love all the "Gone With The Wind" references! My sister has pigs that she sometimes talks about like they are dear family members.

DayPhoto said...

How fitting that they get to go to Georgia! The real Rhett and Scarlett will love having them there.


Toyin O. said...

So nice of you to help your friend.


cris12 said...

Hey Ya'll! (it's your favorite niece...lol)
I stopped by here to show your place off to my friend, Patty. Even the pigs are pretty! It's late so I wasn't going to call, but I do plan on sleeping-in in the morning...and wanted to let you know that I finished my project. If you get a chance, Google~ my reply rowan county. It may be Halloween night...but that video kind gives me the feeling of Independence Day!
G'night~Have a great week!

Sandra said...

Such a funny post! We have friends who raise piglets and have a few sows and a boar to "do the deed". The piglets are SO funny. We used to have pigs, when we first moved to the farm and I did my own slaughtering, making sausage, curing hams, etc. Thank God, we no longer do that. The work just gets harder the older I get.