Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning On The Homestead With Buttons

Good Morning to you all! It's a nice warm day here and now that I have a full tummy and a empty udder I will show you around. Come on now and be sure and have some treats in your pockets as we can be extra friendly if you do.

This is Rhett Butler and Pork Chop. Rhett weighs over 500lbs and Pork Chop weighs 160lb. Rhett thinks he is the boss around here but everyone knows I am the Queen.

Rhett is in love with Scarlet but frankly my dear she couldn't give a dang about him.
Bonnie and Clyde are in trouble again. They are mean geese. They wouldn't let the ducks swim in any of the pools and would bite them if they came anywhere near them. The ducks are now in their own pen with their own pool. Bonnie and Clyde aren't very happy. They don't have anyone to be mean to now.
This is Dotty and her 5 babies. They are 5 weeks old and very fat.

Dotty is such a good mommy and she is even nice to me and Precious.
Henny Penny is a good mom to her chicks but she is mean to me if I come near.

Here is the baby bunny mom thinks is so adorable. I think I am much more adorable though.

Don't know why everyone wants to hold that little thing when they could scratch my head.

Sister's baby chicks have moved outside. They are now enjoying a nice house where they can enjoy the sunlight during the day and still have their heat light at night. I think they are afraid of the dark cause I don't get a night light.
It's hard to get one on one time around here. Every time I get some one to pet or scratch me Tinkerbell comes and pushes herself in the way. She is getting too big in my opinion and mom says she is still a puppy with lots more growing to do.
Since you don't seem to have anymore treats left in your pockets I am going to follow Rhett's lead and take a nap. Come back again anytime and don't forget I love oatmeal raisin cookies.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Buttons! I'm sure your mom and dad have lots of love to go around to all of you sweeties! Looks like a beautiful Fall day - enjoy!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a wonderful post, Peggy... I love seeing your sweet animals --and by seeing them through Buttons' eyes, that mean it even better...

I cannot get over how fast Dotty's babies have grown... Gosh --they are so big... Wow!!!!!

Thanks SO much for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

madcobug said...

Interesting tour. Cute fowl and animals. Helen

SciFiChick said...

Good morning! Thanks for the tour and the smiles. What a wonderful way to start the day!

lunamother said...

Good Morning, Buttons!
Would you come teach my goats some manners? They are terrible tour guides...

~Tonia said...

Great post!