Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baby Face McGee

Goes by the nickname Baby. She spent all of her life until a month ago on death row. She escaped when they came to take her and the others to be executed at the House of Raeford. Since she was smart enough to escape she was given a pardon and sent for rehab at the home of Kandace. Baby had never been outdoors or associated with anyone except her fellow inmates. She had to learn how to interact with others and enjoy life. After a month of rehab she was finally ready to go to a permanent home. Baby loves to talk, well as long as you let her do all the talking and you just listen with a few comments. She loves playing with cats. She loves strolling around the yard enjoying freedom. She does have one addiction. She craves pecans like a druggie on crack! It's not too bad of a habit to supply though so think we have that covered. Yes, I think Baby is going to like it here at Hidden Haven and we sure like having her as part of the family!


Lib said...

Awww.....How sweet! She will Love her new home!:o)
Have agreat wk.end!

Granny J said...

Awwww! Glad Baby escaped and now has a forever home with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute! She's very fortunate to be part of your loving family.

p.s. the honey @ Walgreens was on sale last week but you might check to see if it's still on sale.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

Kent Island Red said...

Oh Peggy, Baby is ADORABLE!! I'm so glad she escaped and made it to the safety of her new home at Hidden Haven. Keep us posted on how she's enjoying her new life. How stupid can some people be to think that animals don't have feelings? Of COURSE they do!

Denise said...

What a lucky girl to be living at your homestead.

I'm hoping to take pictures of the new girls at my house soon and share them with blogland. At least I'm not outnumbered anymore! I was surprised that I still got one egg the morning after the "round up", I thought it would have stressed them too much!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Awe---isn't she gorgeous????? Glad Baby is now a part of your family... She'll love Hidden Haven... AND--I'll bet she knows just how lucky she is!!!


FarmHouse Style said...

Oh, I'll bet she thinks she has died and gone to


amelia said...

Oh she's beautiful!!

I'm so happy she found you or you found her!! She will have the good life now!

madcobug said...

Lucky Baby! Helen

Corky said...

Do you have any other turkeys now?
If not I am sure you will be looking for a mate for her someday soon.
I am also glad she made it to Hidden Haven.

Jennifer said...

Glad she escaped and found a wonderful new home.

DayPhoto said...

Good for her! And no better place in the world than with YOU!


Anonymous said...


It sounds like your life is perking along at a merry pace and that your homestead family of critters just gets better and better.

Here's wishing you, William and the rest of the family a Blessed, Happy Thanksgiving.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

She is a handsome bird. Maybe she will find a wild friend down your way!

You make me wish I was a beast so that you would take me in for my final days. :)

Mary said...

Awww, Peggy, she is adorable. I'm glad she got the reprieve. I wonder if President Obama is going to do the turkey pardon this year?

Drop over to my Writing Nook when you have a chance. I miss chatting with you and hope you are doing well.

You're invited to take part in the Christmas book swap again this year.