Monday, December 13, 2010

Hidden Haven Christmas : Part One

Twas 12 days before Christmas when all thru the homestead,
All the creatures were stirring,too excited for bed.

Their stockings were hung on every spare nail.

The bunnies were hoping theirs would be filled with kale.

Dottie wouldn't nestle all snug in her bed.
She had her shopping list still dancing in her head.

Baby in her kerchief standing out in the wind,
Thinking of gifts she still had to send

When out in the goat yard there arose such a clatter,
That everyone ran to see what was the matter!

The hens, they all flew to the fence in a flash,
In so much of a hurry they forgot their hot mash.

The moon in the sky was shimmering so bright,
none of the animals could believe it was night.
 When what to the surprise of Wizard's eyes he did see
But naughty ole Buttons was eating her tree!

To be continued........


Denise said...

Cute little story, love it when you share photos of the animal children.

Granny J said...

Peggy you never fail to bring a smile to my face with your delightful posts. I especially love the turkey in his/her scarf. That picture is priceless.

Jackie said...

Aw,now this is just tooooooo cute! MORE!!!!!More!!!!!!!

small farm girl said...

Love it!!!!!

amelia said...

Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!!

Can't wait for part two!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how cute, Peggy.. You are just so creative... AND of course I love seeing all of your babies.

Hope they are staying warm this week--with all of the horribly cold temps.

Thanks, Peggy.

lunamother said...

ha! the turkey in the scarf- LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

How cute Peggy.
Have a wonderful day.

Proper Prim said...

What a cute post... love the turkey in the scarf...too cute. You need Granny J to crochet him a little hat with ear

Anonymous said...

So cute and what adorable pictures.

DayPhoto said...

GREAT!!! I love always come up with something clever and fun...I can hardly wait for the second part!


madcobug said...

Very cute! Helen


Peggy this makes me chuckle!

Jo said...

I don't care where I go in Blogland... There just is no place like Hidden Haven Homestead for the Holidays.

judypatooote said...

Very, very cute...I just love your stories...and the turkey with the are amazing and your life should be on tv for all kids to watch...even I'd watch it.. have a blessed Christmas..I'll be back for part 2. ... judy

Anonymous said...

Too cute!


Anonymous said...

mmmm I can smell it from here!

Merry Christmas Peggy!

Love you!