Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Blog Up And Running

Finally got the new blog going. So please follow me on over and see what's been going on around the homestead:     Hidden Haven Homestead Too

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I loved all the names everyone suggested but have decided to choose "Andy". Mildred suggested it after his Grandma Mandy that lived here for so long. And Andy just seems to suit him though I have thought about changing  it to Trouble today. It has been a rainy, windy day so Andy has spent most of it inside. He loves napping and eating in his cage but after awhile gets tired of being penned up and lets it be known. I let him out and he walks around trying to head butt Rusty and Kuma. They go hide from him so Andy decides to play King of the mountain on the sofa. Up and down, up and down till that gets boring. Next he tried to sample my dried flower arrangement  and getting scolded for that decided to see what I was up to. He jumped up on the sofa, walked over to the end table and then walked on the desk and actually tried to walk across the laptop until I picked him up and sat him back on the floor. I decided it was time to put his sweater on and take him for a walk outside. Andy sees his reflection in the glass of the door and stands there talking to himself like he has found a new friend. Finally get him out the door and he takes off down the steps running to the goat pen. He thinks its time to feed the goats and he helps by sampling everyone's feed. Gets upset at me when I walk the other direction and tries to scold me into going his way. Doesn't work so he runs back to the porch and talks to the pretty goat in the door. That tired him out enough to take a nap until feeding time. Yes, Andy is going to keep me on my toes till he is outside fulltime. I thought sure Hayley would have her kid or kids last night but so far no baby goats. I am still doing the butt check several times a day and several times a night. The girls have gotten use to it now and just stand still and let me shine the flashlight and check. Well, except Blackie. She puts her tail down and turns to face me no matter which direction I walk to check her backside. She thinks of it as a game and seems to actually smile at me while she is turning. It is really a adventure around here everyday. I am trying to set up a new blog as I am running out of room for photos on this one. I don't want to delete ones from past posts so decided to continue the adventures on a new one. When I have it ready I will put the link here so you can follow me on over. Hopefully you will follow!  Wishing each of you a very blessed night and a wonderful blessed tomorrow. Night everyone.