Thursday, July 28, 2005

Back On The Homestead

It sure is good to be back home! Had some good things happen and some not so good things happen while away. Hubby and I were enjoying breakfast out for our anniversary when I got a call on the cellphone that our storage building had been broken into. When we got there we found that whoever broke in had went to the back of the building (and we are talking huge warehouse building) and pulled the tin away from the studs and pushed the insulation out and just helped their selves. They took all the power and hand tools. All of hubby's fishing poles and reels, tackle boxes, new battery charger, some old fax machines, lots of glassware (vintage type) and tons of other items. They had sorted and went thru everything there. Even cleaned the bathroom and little kitchen area there so they could use it. They left the lights on and had a fan plugged in so they could stay cool while they sorted everything. We spent the hottest part of the hottest day of the year repairing the inside and outside wall. They had also took the new air conditioner out of the window and broke it so they could get the copper out to sell. We had to repair that window also. They broke into our trooper we had parked there and took the radio and destroyed the dash doing that. They broke a brand new windshield out of a boat hubby had parked there. We were sick when we saw everything and by the time we finished repairing everything we were hot both physically and mentally. So our anniversary is put on hold til the weekend when we are going to go somewhere for the night and a day. The best part of the day was we did get 2 new puppies! They are Siberian huskies (6 weeks old) and are absolutely beautiful! The boy is named Samson and the girl is Jenny. I will post pictures tomorrow. Right now I have to unload the van, take care of all the animals, go thru the mail and put things away. It is still very hot here but calling for cooler weather tomorrow....... I sure hope so. Everyone stay cool!


ms*robyn said...

oh no! How awful..puts a bad taste in your mouth. welcome home anyway...and make sure you do something extra special to make up for the anniversary delay

Monica said...

I remember being a little girl in Florida and having a Siberian Husky. His name was Pal and he was a great watchdog. Wow...thanks for that memory.

Sorry about your storage shed...people can be so mean.

Maggie Ann said...

Thats a dirty shame to be plundered like that. Hope the bad actors (thats what our local paper calls folks like that) are caught soon and punished but good.