Monday, July 25, 2005

Well I have had my shower and cooled off. Getting ready to turn in for the night but reading a few blogs while I finish my ice tea. I have met some very nice people thru blogging. There sites have given me lots of ideals for my home and self. I have also found some that have made me laugh when I really needed a good pick me up. I am excited about going to our old home tomorrow to pack and bring more things down here. I just wish I had more rooms finished so I could start arranging and decorating. But it won't be long and half the fun is getting there! Sat on the deck and watched the birds for a little while this evening. The humming birds still sit on the limb above the feeded for minutes at a time. I have never seen this before. The cardinals come every evening and sit at one feeder together and always watching out for each other. They seem like they are very much in love. The yellow finches cover the thistle sock so much you can't even tell what they are sitting on. The doves sit on the ground waiting for extra seeds to fall down. We have 2 woodpeckers that only come a couple evenings each week. But they are so beautiful with their redheads. Even the female is pretty with her duller redhead. I can be hot, tired, or stressed and go out on the deck, sit down for a few minutes and watch the birds and I feel like a new person. Watching the wildlife thats right in my backyard is the perfect pick me up! Well I really must turn in so I can get an early start tomorrow. Have a great day and please stay cool.

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ms*robyn said...

have a safe journey ! 'see' you when you return