Sunday, July 17, 2005


No, its not a picture of whiskers. Its a picture of Dimples, the cat that decided to live here on the homestead. Actually she was here waiting on us when we moved back. She has been declawed and fixed so someone cared enough to spend money on her. She is very loving and sweet and is making friends with whiskers. I have been gone a few days to Lexington and Asheville. I visited my brother, uncles and aunt in Asheville and then went back to Lexington for a auction William wanted me to go to. I spent waaaaaaaaaay too much money but got some nice pieces and the things William wanted. I brought the dogs back with me this trip. Lady did great and loved the trip. Tramp has been so abused before we got him that he was scared to death the whole trip and didn't move an inch. Once I got them home and walked them on their leashes around the property they both settled in just fine. We have Lady on a running line until William puts up the fence for them. Tramp won't move 2 feet from Lady so he is free. They both love it here and are wagging their tails and checking things out.I brought their doghouses, feeder and water bucket so they already feel right at home. They are closer to the house here than they were in Lexington so they really like that. There is also more places to take them on their daily walks here that they will enjoy. Well anyways, I am back at the homestead and plan on starting on the livingroom tomorrow..... Hope you had a nice weekend!! OH!!! Brian has flown out of Iraq on a helicopter last night heading to Kuwait for the plane taking him to Germany and from there he will fly into Atlanta Tuesday. Megan is very excited and the kids will be surprised when daddy picks them up from summer day camp Tuesday afternoon. He is home for total of 16 days and then heads back to Iraq to finish out his tour. Will keep you posted on their news........

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