Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wood Pile

Today I worked on cleaning up the woodpile from when we lived here 2 yrs ago. The wood had been stacked between to huge pine trees and since we weren't here lots of pine needles and pine cones had covered the wood along with tons of leaves from other trees. I put 3 pallets down where I was moving the wood and stacked all wood in 2 rows on them. I raked the leaves, cones and needles up and burnt them along with any rotten wood I found. I am halfway thru this and hope to finish it tomorrow. When I have finished I am going to put a post on the 4 corners of my new wood stack. I will nail boards between the posts and then attach a tin roof so the wood will stay nice and dry for us this winter. Kinda hard to think of firewood in this heat isn't it! Anyway here are some pictures of the bedroom that I have finished. I am working on the one across the hall tonight (the one with the most junk in it!) so if you don't hear from me for a few days... call the rescue party as I have gotten lost in all the mess.

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