Saturday, July 23, 2005


I usually clean with whatever product is on sale at the time. After reading one of my new but favorite blogs I am using lavender products. I have lavender dish soap, lavender all purpose cleaner, lavender floor care, lavender laundry spritz, lavender air freshner and of course lavender bath soap. These products aren't overpowering in scent. Its just a clean gentle smell, sorta like when you went to grandmas and spent the night. Her sheets always smelled so fresh and sweet. I actually look forward to cleaning because I know that afterwards I will have this special smell and not the smell of pine or bleach. If you are looking for another blog to read that is very interesting and enjoyable then you should check this one: Ms. Robin

On another topic I have been cleaning out cabinets and stocking up the kitchen. William and I both always like to make sure we have plenty of food on the shelves so if something happens we won't go hungry or if we just don't want to run to the grocery often there is always plenty here. I found some neat containers at a dollar tree store and have been putting our staples in them. (flour,rice, beans etc.) I can keep daily amounts in my regular canisters but the big amounts of extras we like to keep can go in these and be stored away in the cabinet. I like to think this winter when its icy and cold and the power if off I can have plenty of food on hand and have something cooking on the wood cookstove.


ms*robyn said...

oooh, thanks so much for visiting my blog & thanks for mentioning me here. I love your blog and am off to read more ~

Jamie Dawn said...

Sounds like you're getting things under control and in order. You're my kind of gal! I'm an organizer galore, and I always keep extras of everything on hand.
Your cottage and all that you are doing sounds really wonderful.

Monica said...

wow...I want to be on the coast but you seem to be striving for what my dream goal is...more power to you!!!!

Ami F. said...

Lavender lavender lavender... oh lavender! I'm a fan as well. Living US stateside (French transplant) I get mine from Their products are mostly French (just like me) and magnificent.