Sunday, July 24, 2005

I talked with Quintin and Gabby (grandchildren) last night. They are so happy their daddy is home from Iraq. Quintin helped his dad grill supper and Gabby said her and her dad were playing barbies so she couldn't talk right now. Megan (my daughter) is still on cloud nine to have Brian home even if its just for 2 weeks. She has taken the 2 weeks off from work so they can spend the time together. The kids are going to take a few days from summer day camp but will have to go a couple days a week or lose their spot. (even though they paid for it already) I am going to give them a few days before I go up to visit and then only going to stay a few hours. Thanks to everyone that kept Brian in their prayers. Please continue to do so and add Megan and the children as it will be so hard to say goodbye again. This is Brian's second tour to Iraq and his last as he has decided to get out when he comes back. He doesn't like being away from the children so much. The army use to let you stay state side for at least a year when you came back from overseas. Brian was only home 6 months when he got sent back. Megan was in the army 8 years but got so she wouldn't be deployed to Iraq and leave the children. My heart and appreciation goes out to the men and women that risk their lives for my freedom and I admire the families for being so strong and unselfish while their soldier is gone so long from their home life. Sorry I got carried away this morning. Will post happenings around the homestead later today.......... Have a great relaxing Sunday!

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Jamie Dawn said...

I wish them the best of times during their short 2 weeks.
I am very thankful to Brian and his family for their sacrfice.