Saturday, July 09, 2005

Stressed Out Pets

Want your laugh for the day? I decided I would bring the cats and iguana to Fayetteville with me yesterday. I bought the biggest wire carrier I could find and made it all nice for Bud (iguana) I put the cats blanket on top because they always loved sleeping on top of his cage at home. I put their litterbox, food, and water in the van and thought it would be fine to just let them be free in the van. They have never been closed in anything nor have they ever been out of the house muchless on a trip anywhere..... get the picture? I put all of them in the van and let it sit running in the driveway for a few minutes to get them use to it. I get in and start backing out... all heck breaks loose! I have 2 cats running across the dashboard, across my lap, up my arm, across the back of my seat. People are driving back and doing a double take when they see these wild things running allover the van. Not only are they running but they are screaming like mountain lions. I decide that if they are still running everywhere in 5 minutes we are turning around. They finally settle down (on the back of my seat) and sit there but still crying. I start talking to them and they stop crying. I stop talking and they start crying. I have the air on cause its a killer hot day and whiskers doesn't like it. I turn the air off and he finally is happy and settled down. It gets hot, I turn the air on and he starts standing up and crying again. I turn the air off and he is happy. This is a 2 hours drive that I have to take with these animals. Bud is happy in the back until we get to the house. I reach to get his cage out and he is mad! He slaps his tail around and tries to bite me thru the cage. I try talking to him and he wants no part of it. I get help to get his cage on the deck and he sits there and watches the birds and squirrels and seems okay. I go near his cage and he starts slapping his tail. I give him fresh water and food, he looks at me, looks at the food... picks up the food and water dishes and throws them across the cage. He is one mad Bud! I cover his cage for the night and plug in his heating pad. He finally lays on it and goes to sleep. Think he was in a better mood this morning? NO! his food and water got thrown again. William will be here today and we are going to build him a big house and caged in yard with a swimming pool. Bud loves being outside and with the weather here he can til cool weather. We will bring his house down for him to have inside this fall. Maybe when he moves into his deluxe apartment today he will be happy. Mean while the cats slept on top of me all night and when I moved they growled at me so I had to lay still all night. They seem to have adjusted to the house and are checking everything out. They are even getting along with Dimples the cat that took up residence here couple weeks ago. So now that you have had your chuckle for the day I must get busy getting things ready to build Buds new digs........... have a great weekend!

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