Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well Cindy has come and is staying around for now. she has brought heavy rain, hail,wind and lots and lots of lightening. There have been 2 tornados touch down in neighboring counties. This is suppose to last til morning and then we have a couple of days before Hurricane Dennis decides to land. Hopefully we want get too much from that. Have gotten the deck cleaned except for the railings and will be staining after the rain goes away. the new patio furniture and canopy looks great and I love sitting on the deck watching the birds! We have 2 hummingbirds that come to the feeders and instead of hoovering the sit and eat and then just sit there for long periods of time. I have never seen hummingbirds sit so long! I am going to try to get a picture and if I do will post it. We have several feeders for the other birds and a thistle sock for the finches. We have 4 beautiful yellow finches that come every morning and evening to eat along with woodpeckers, wrens, cardinals and bluejays. I am so happy and relaxed watching them and the squirrels. I do run the squrriels off the feeders sometimes as they dump all the seeds on the ground except the sunflower seeds. I bought some squrriel food so hopefully they will eat that and leave the seeds alone (yeah right) Am starting on the livingroom this weekend. Have to empty everything out so I can sand the floors and paint the walls and trim. Slowly things are coming together. Hope everyone had a great 4th! Maggie and Megan had nice birthdays and Megan is getting ready for Brian to come home in a couple of weeks. Hope Amy had a great birthday.......... until later, have a good one!

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