Monday, August 15, 2005

Deck is Clean!

97degrees with heat factor of 105 , I am hot,sweaty, and dirty but the deck is clean. I had never used a pressure washer before except at the car wash so I had fun figuring out how to get it started. Now the deck is clean it needs a good stain or paint job. Oh well, for now I am going to get a tall glass of ice cold green tea and go sit and enjoy the deck. Thank goodness for all the shade from the big oak trees.


Mom's Zoo said...

It looks GREAT!!!!!! You have such a talent. Talk to ya later

Carla said...

Hi Peggy,

Sorry for my silence on the Praise Her... blog. I have been busy on my other two blogs - Joys in the Journey, and the other one over on Homeschool Blogger. I am also in the process of opening up my own natural soaps, baths, teas, salves, and other fine gifts for sale. It will be up in the coming weeks- someone is working on our new website as we speak. I will make a BIG fuss when it is open for business!

In the meantime, I have a ton of recipes to type and post over on Praise Her... I'll keep you informed of when I get them posted too!

My, you have accomplished much this summer, and your deck looks lovely!


ms*robyn said...

that porch looks so inviting... we call them verandahs here. ice green tea ? I havent had it..although I do drink green tea by the gallons.