Monday, August 15, 2005

Thought For The Day:
Choose your own path in life and follow it freely,walking gently,lightly, and joyfully toward your goal.

Mondays are good. I always try to look at Mondays as a fresh start to a brand new week. If I make it a great day then it seems that the rest of the week is great. Today is laundry day so I will be starting my new week with everything clean and fresh smelling. Don't you just love hanging laundry outside on the line! I want to take everything off the deck today and pressure wash it. I have 2 huge planters that will have to stay put though as they are way to heavy to move. Everything else will go and I may even rearrange when I put things back. Hubby never knows where anything is when he gets home but he always likes the changes , lucky me.
I read some favorite blogs from Australia and last night before turning in I read about their Mondays. Since they seemed to be having a good one I went to sleep knowing when I woke up I would be having a good one too! So go do something for yourself, make someone smile and do something special for your home.

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Maggie Ann said...

A positive outlook is cheery isn't it! I know what you mean.