Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hot Day at Hidden Haven

It is hot and humid here today. I worked outside this morning until the sun warmed me up. I got a butterfly bush and some flowers off the clearance rack at wal-mart. They are actually doing really well. I set them out next to my birdhouse bench and used the rock hubby brought home as a border. Hubby is a truckdriver so he brings me rocks from all the different states. Now that it is way too hot to be outside I am going to paint the baseboards and trim in the livingroom. Don't forget the meteor showers tonight. God's giving us his own version of fireworks to enjoy. So enjoy your garden or home today,make someone smile and then take a blanket and lay under the stars and enjoy the show! And one other thing. If you haven't checked out the blog of the solider's life in Iraq please do so. When you go to his site you have to scroll down alittle to get to his journal. He has pictures of the children in Iraq but he has written about the marines in his unit that were injured or killed and though its sad he really tells you all the good things about these men and women as he knew them personally. Keep our soldiers in our prayers so they can come home to us!


melissa said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my journal. I come here to read about you too and enjoy hearing about your days.

I have 2 butterfly bushes too and hear that you have to prune them back "hard" in the spring so they won't become giants!

Take care!

Maggie Ann said...

Your birdhouse bench is a pretty focal point. I think thats interesting to have rocks from different states. And....God bless our servicemen and women. I'll try to visit the site you talk about.