Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am sitting in my newly painted livingroom with the curtains hung,the floor finished and now wearing a nice big braided rug . A new slipcover on the sofa that is here, end tables with lamps burning on each side of sofa, TV on in background and I feel at home and peaceful. Wish all of my computer friends could come over for a tea party! As soon as I get all the pictures hung, the other sofa and love seat in I will post pictures. I have had my shower and am sitting in my pj's but I am still going to go outside soon to watch the meteor shower. I watched one years ago in Florida with my Japanese exchange student and youngest daughter Megan. We climbed up on the roof of the house and lay there for several hours watching the show and it was worth it. Tonight I will go outside and watch it with the puppies as no one is here but me and the animals. Hubby is on his way to Oregon and will be watching in Kansas so we will talk on the phone and share it together. I have had a wonderful day and this will be the perfect ending. Enjoy your day, hug that special someone, and count your blessings... Night all.


ms*robyn said...

hope you enjoyed the meteor shower. Your home sounds just wonderful. I would love a braided rug - did you make it yourself?

Maggie Ann said...

What a lovely day you've had! I feel like I am there in spirit anyway. Isn't that how we would like every day to end? Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment, and, your picture is really special. Love it!